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    Hi all,

    Have a old KRC1 that from what i'm told is a GM spec robot. I have been able to get comms up and complete everything I need to in manual but i'm having an issue when trying to run my application in auto. I cannot seem to enable the safety gate, The X11 connector but it does not match what I see in the standard kuka safety circuit, there are only 8 wires and it is located on a terminal block on the left side of the cabinet. Does anyone have the circuit diagram for X11 on this version of robot? or direction if I am looking in the correct place? Any help is really appreciated.


    After checking and reseating the DSE>RDW connections the DSE was able to boot and I am able to move the robot. I did not see any damage to connectors when investigating but it could be the cable too. I'm going to have a new one made.

    Thanks for the help!

    Thanks for the reply!

    The cables may have been disconnected, the robot was moved recently. I'll check for pushed in pins etc. should the DSE boot even with incorrect robot name and calibration no. ? I've read that this could cause bootup issues.

    I'm having a problem with a KRC1 enabling motion. Software version 4.1.6 SP3

    I'm new to Kuka robots but have done some research and read through the manuals.

    This robot has been sitting for a couple months but prior to this startup we were able to enable motion without any errors. I think these errors would be from something like corrupted files during the power off process so I have ordered new batteries and connected an external 24V power source to the battery supply.

    after boot I get a slew of errors like;

    244 - software version incorrect

    271 - robot no. 0 does not correspond to calibration file

    275 - set robot number - program name

    276 - wrong machine data for this robot type

    The DSE initialization message does not go away and the led on the DSE board stays solid green

    I have tried restoring an old archive but it must have been made with corrupted data because it throws

    88 - Corrupted archive:...

    I have tried manually input the calibration number and set the robot name to recover, the robot no error and machine data errors go away but the software version error is still there and the DSE does not initialize.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


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