Ethernet/IP communication with PC

  • Has anyone managed to communicate with Fanuc robot from PC via Ethernet/IP using any open source library?

    I started out with Fanuc Ethernet/IP operators manual and pycomm3 library. Everything should be straight enough and if I use the discovery function call, the robot will reply with serial number and other identification data.

    However, if I try to do anything else, like access the active alarm object (0xA0), the robot will reply with error code 0x04: "IOI syntax error. A syntax error was detected decoding the Request Path (see extended status)"

    Any example code or pointers to some known to work library are greatly appreciated!

  • Lemster68

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  • I haven't done it with EIP, but I've done it with both Modbus TCP and SRTP. Both are pretty easy and may be worth it to check out. Put what you want to send into SNPX_ASG in the robot and do whatever you want with it in the PC. I'm not sure exactly what need it fills, but we have to have the HMI option. I think the option enables either modbus communication or snpx.

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