Protocool conversion (Profinet -> Ethernet IP) problem R30ia - MATE

  • Hello :welcome:,

    I'm very new in fanuc robot's and need help.

    I'am trying to connect Siemens s7-1500 PLC with FANUC robot via ethernet gateway (MOXA 5103). It should convert profinet from PLC to fanuc ethernet IP. Robot is Ethernet IP scanner.

    The problem is that communication beetwen gateway and fanuc (ethernet ip) doesn't work. Profinet looks ok.

    Steps I made:

    1. Configured gateway


    2. Added gsdml file to my PLC project

    3. Setup robot host comm (by TP)

    4. Configured robot Ethernet IP settings (by TP)

    Brak opisu.Brak opisu.

    At gateway led for profinet lights, but for Ethernet IP is off ( No data exchange).

    Brak opisu.

    I've tried to trigger outputs in robot, but i don't see change in moxa addresses in PLC IO.


  • Hi Aga_k2,

    I was just wondering if the communication issue was solved by changing the robot to an Ethernet/IP scanner. If so, did you have to do anything on the PN/EIP gateway? You were saying that the robot had to be switched to a scanner and the gateway as an adapter...

    We're trying to get a setup like this running: S7-1500 and a Fanuc robot with an EIP card, since PN cards have no date of supply (difficult times we're living in terms of supply, at least in Europe!).

    I was trying to approach this setup with only the 1500 and the robot's EIP card, because I've seen a function block from Siemens support that would allow the S7-1500 to act as an EIP scanner, but if the robot has to be the scanner, how would that work?

    I don't have the hardware yet, but I'm trying to understand whether I would need a PN/EIP gateway.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance.

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