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    You can do ftp backups which are similar to AOTA backups using ftp. To do an image backup you have to use tftp and it requires a restart on the robot. You really only need an image of your robot once. Then you only really need to take a new image if you make a major change, like adding an option. Otherwise regular ftp or AOTA backups get everything you need.

    I would take an AoA backup and pick the relevant files. All your .tp files,,, numreg.vr, posreg.vr, strreg.vr,,, and the dcs files (, There may be a couple more that are helpful, but those will get most everything

    If you want to restrict the range you can go to menu > system > axis limits. I don't think this lets you extend, only restrict the range.

    To extend the range go to system variables, $PARAM_GROUP[1], $LOWERLIMS to change your lower limits and $PARAM_GROUP[1], $UPPERLIMS to change your upper limits.

    If you change the limits using the variables you'll have to restart. There is something about the interaction with joints 2 & 3, I don't really know what that is so I leave those joints alone. Also, I don't know how far you can safely push the limits. Whenever I have done it I've only done like 5 or maybe 10 degrees or so.

    I don't think I've seen a robot run differently from roboguide. In cases where I run into the axis limits I put in a joint move to avoid the axis limit. When you are doing linear moves the robot will try to take the fastest route to the next point, sometimes that route ends up wrapping up the joints. If you put in a joint move that gets you moving in the direction you want while unwrapping your joints it should pick up as normal from there.

    Also, you can extend the allowable range on some (maybe all, I don't recall exactly) of the joints. I usually avoid this unless it's needed for reach, not so much to accommodate moves.

    You'll lose your mastering data. I personally wouldn't do it with an image, but if you do I would recommend talking to Fanuc. I would be concerned about a few things: because the options on each robot are purchased individually for that particular robot I would be worried about the legality of putting on an image that doesn't have the options paid for onto another robot, I would also worry about whether there will be hardware or firmware compatibility problems between the vintages.

    Maybe it isn't possible in your situation due to complexity, but we make our robots able to home from anywhere to include places that the robot shouldn't ever be. Our homing routines can be some of the most time consuming programs to setup when the cell goes live. It's a pain, but in the end an operator can just press the home button on the HMI and get on with their day.

    I agree with TitusLepic, reteach your user frame. There is another option you can do, but it's not as relevant as reteaching your user frame. You can do a program adjust. Menu > Utilities > Prog adj. This is a useful tool, but I would advise taking a backup 1st. One wrong setting using program adjust and you can throw things off in the wrong direction.

    We don't use Karel at all, only TPP. We realize we may be losing some functionality, but the advantage is that when there is a problem on the shop floor we can go out and fix it straight from the pendant. We have cells made by outside vendors that use Karel. The difference in time to troubleshoot and correct problems can be quite substantial.