Cannot See any Programs in ROBOGUIDE

  • Hello guys, I am trying to load a Full System backup from a SR-3iA to ROBOGUIDE, but I am not able to see lot of the programs.
    I am able to see the backup and load, its just the programs are missing.

    Any idea how to resolve this?

  • SkyeFire

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  • If you provide a step by step process of what you are doing in Roboguide, then we may be able to highlight errors in your process and be able to provide assistance to ensure you are doing it correctly.

    You can create a project/cell using an AOA backup using the backdate.dt file in an AOA backup.

    This is by far the easiest method I've found.

    Once you have the project created, I then just dump whatever I need from the robot_1/UT1 folder and then use the virtual pendant to transfer data.

    This way I can confirm if I stick data onto a USB stick and place it into the real world robot, everything is good.

  • I have been seeing this in the last year or so creating a roboguide robots from a AOA backup.

    All the options and such are there, not the programs

    Once I find the above, I copy the Backup AOA into the my workcells/robot_1/UT1 folder.

    Then I control start the Roboguide, and then Restore from my memory device.

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