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    Hello Guys,

    some clarification. Fronius' usability depends a lot on the integrator.

    Fanuc and Fronius develops the communication together, so there's also a Fronius library as a Fanuc option.

    Basically you make a controll start select fronius EthernetIP inside, enter where to start IO-s and its done.

    You can use job numbers in the TP programs, or enter each and welding parameter in the weld schedules. Whatever your preference is. You can manage all powersource setting from the teach pendat too. (water cooler, crater fill etc.)

    8 mm sheets with a root gap tolerance of 2 mm?

    Whats the welding joint geometry?

    Some of them can outperform most of the market yes, but most of them will not.
    It is also an option to buy robotics oriented ETFs (Exchange traded fund, basically a big collection of stocks from various companies.).

    This way you can diversify your portfolio. This way you probably loose record losses, but record wins too.

    Here's an article I found about relevant ETFs. On the issuer platform you can investigate which companies are part of the collection and in what percentage.

    The best Robotics ETFs | justETF
    Which Robotics ETF is the best? The annual total expense ratio, performance and all other information about Robotics ETFs.

    I'm not an investment advisor though. This is my approach on investing.

    Hello Guys,

    I have a problem inside Roboguide.

    I'm trying to make a generate a TP program for multiple welding seams.

    I can select each individual seam as a feature, but I can only generate a short TP program from each feature separately...

    I have tried:

    • "Program automatic generation" under the right click menu when I select the part
      • Literally does not do anything.
    • Merging each feature in a featuregroup and than creating a feature from this feature group. Than generating a TP program from this feature.
      • This method makes all seams but connects every point and skips approach and retreat segments between each seam...
    • Reading the whole damn help menu.

    I have searched everywhere, but as far as I see now, my two options are:

    • generating all separate seam programs, than merging them somehow, or calling them in a main TP program,
    • Generating the program from the featuregroup and correcting the path after each seam manually.

    None of these seem to be favorable :confused_face: Can anyone offer some advice?

    Thanks beforehands.

    If it doesn't matter that your other axes moves, and doesn't have to be too precise, I would do it with program shift.

    Try with rotation and the teaching method.
    Touch up 3 points around the original program space, than 3 points where you want it to be.

    Hope this workaround fits you!


    sorry for the late answer. I was traveling.

    If I remember correctly, i found it here:


    or here:

    FANUC Robot series R-30iB/R-30iB Mate/R-30iB Plus CONTROLLER: Arc Welding Function - OPERATOR'S MANUAL

    Have fun in the world of Fanuc! :smiling_face:


    similar to a UFrame. You can find it under menu > setup > Touch frames

    You will also have to mark it in the search schedule. I Recommend you the arc welding function operator's manual. :smiling_face:

    The ArcTool operators manual describes what type of errors you can search for with which "pattern" and combined with each "pattern type". 1D shift / 2D shift / 2D shift + rotation..... and so on.

    It describes some basic weld and part geometries too, but after all you will have to figure this out. Your exact task will have unique requirements and tolerances. So you have to know your part to make a logical and empirical conclusion to which setting you have to use.

    The details of vector calculations are not described in the manuals, if thats what you are looking for.

    Hope I could gather you all the answers you needed!

    As far as I know it is not possible. Maybe with some well hidden variable.

    Although, you can modify the F2,F3 motion instructions to fit your needs, if you have those.

    In case of the Arctool SW, these are arc start arc end and arc point, id I recall correctly.

    There you will have 4-4 additional motion instructions to play with :smiling_face:

    What would you like to understand better?

    You can create somewhat similary results with skip conditions, but Touch sensing option makes it so much easier.

    Simple search pattern stores exact positional data inside a PR. But this type of search can only be used in case of two directional search of filet welds.

    Other search patterns can be used for one directional searches and for two directional searches as well.

    Also it can calculate the rotational position error of the workpiece too.

    (You can set which ones you would like to calculate under "Pattern type" after choosing the search pattern.)

    These search patterns store the positional difference between the mastered workpiece and the currently welded workpiece in one or multiple PR-s.

    If you have the liberty to make fixtures more precise, I would recommend you do that.

    Touch sense is better used for the positional errors of the workpiece caused by tolerances or preliminary manufacturing processes.


    sorry for the late reply. Busy week :grinning_squinting_face:

    Menu > setup > Space fnct

    You define a space, and in the details menu theres this: 3 Output signal: DO [0]

    If I remember correctly, the chosen DO will change to TRUE when the robot is in the space.


    It's not clear to me what instruction you are using for the tracking, but maybe I can give you same ideas.

    We do some things that are similar to this.

    You can define a part of space, which will trigger a DO if you enter it with the TCP.

    After setting up this, add a skip instruction to your tracking movement. (I hope these dont interfere.)

    Should look something like this:



    L 1500 cm/min CNT100 SKIP, LBL[555]



    JUMP LBL[999]



    L PR[HOME] 1500 cm/min CNT 100



    Hope this helps!

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