New to Kawasaki robots help with Software

  • Does anyone have resources to help learn how to use K-Roset and KRTerm? I'm very new to Kawasaki robotic systems and have a full license for K-Roset, seems to be a good way to familiarize myself with the programing. A lot of the youtube videos I've found are not in English. Any help/tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Also any general Kawasaki tips/best practices would be appreciated too. We Have D and E style controllers and two ZZX300s, a RD80N, and a RS30N converted to RS50N. Also planning on taking some classes this coming year up at Wixom to gain a more detailed knowledge base and having Kawasaki come in and give me and my guys a crash course in Kawasaki robots here next month. My background has been all Fanuc up till now. Thanks ya'll.

  • Welcome to the forum...…………..:beerchug:

    Welcome to the world of Kawasaki Robotics, I hope you have a pleasant journey.

    Unfortunately, there are not many resources out there that people have done basically due to the 'popularity' level of Kawasaki out in the field, I can say this quite confidently.

    Resources, tips, best practices, suggestions could result in a very lengthy post, however some things to consider below:

    1. KRTerm is Kawasaki ONLINE editor interface between PC and Live Robot.

    - Uses either RS232 or Ethernet communication (cross over connections).

    - Access directly to memory to allow for control, editing and live viewing.

    - It is a Command Line Interface, no bells or whistles, windows etc...just plain and simple.

    - Look in the software section in this board for a quick hook up guide.

    Kawasaki Online Terminal Editors

    - Look in the AS Reference Manual for the 'Editor Commands' available.

    - You can link that in with KROSET by using and Port 9105 and use it directly with KROSET.

    2. KROSET is short for: Kawasaki Robot Offline Enhanced Simulation Tool.

    - It has many features and functions directly equivalent to a live robot system.

    - The main areas are for simulation, reach studies and cell generation.

    - Additional features include a Terminal and Virtual Teach Pendant that replicate the live robot.

    - For this reason alone, can be used to train yourself when access to a live robot is limited.

    - Many different ways people use KROSET for (undocumented).

    - Look at KROSET documents and KROSET demo's to give you an idea of format and layouts.

    - Work through the Manual Handling Project document to get a grasp on the fundamentals of KROSET.

    - Explore BLOCK programming and AS Programming in KROSET and set yourself mini projects.

    - If you are stuck for some mini projects then let me know, I'll set you some...…...

    3. Live Robot.

    - Always mount and install correctly prior to carrying out work.

    - Check Installation and External IO Manuals for installation and safety circuit configurations.

    - Check and confirm zeroing is correct prior to programming and in the event of any collisions.

    - Configure your BASE and TOOL Coordinate systems to use and makes sure they are accurate.

    - D and E Controllers do not have exchangeable parts.

    - Teach Pendant layout is very similar.

    - All Kawasaki Controllers are generic in nature when it comes to programming (except paint/duaro).

    - Programs and User data can be transferred between all Kawasaki Controllers freely.

    - Specific functions and options available (like Fanuc but not as ridiculously restricted like Fanuc).

    - Different flavours of Controllers available (North American, Europe and Japan Spec).

    - Always refer to the relevant documentation of the Controller as there are many subtle differences.

    Tip No.1

    - Use KROSET to get upto speed with virtual teach pendant navigation and robot control.

    - Use KROSET online editor in conjunction with the AS Manual and through some test programs in there.

    - This will give you a firm grasp of the Kawasaki order of operations.

    - I am learning Fanuc at the moment, and Roboguide is a god send for this without access to a live robot.

    Tip No.2

    Check out the following thread, KRI produced these Webinars as an introduction to KROSET, you should find these useful indeed.

    K-Roset: A beginner’s journey

    The narrator speaks and continues at a nice pace.

    Dave Hudnutt for providing these.

    Tip No.3

    - Explore QTOOL and it's functionality using the Operation and AS Manuals and KROSET.

    - This seems to be a topic of confusion to most users.

    - QTOOL is turned on as a default on ALL Kawasaki Controllers and is specific for BLOCK Programming.

    Feel free to use Robot Forum as your journey resource

    There are various posts and video clips here relative to topics etc that may assist you.

    If you cannot locate the answers in the manuals or require any assistance, drop a post here, there are many members here with plenty of Kawasaki Product experience who will assist you (including myself).

  • Thank you, I've spent most of my day either reading older posts in the Kawasaki section (got a lot of great info out of the manual section) or I've been using K-Roset and my backups from my cells to try and recreate a running (program wise) cell. So far its been challenging but fun. Ill definitely be looking at the link under tip two!

  • Kawasaki still have a long way to go in developing KROSET further (IMHO), but when you get to grips with the some of the basics (like with all applications really) then it can serve as a very powerful, training and development tool indeed.

    This is what I am using Roboguide for at present to get upto speed with Fanuc......So you can use KROSET in the same way.

    Many people I know do not use the full functionality of KROSET, only the terminal editor, virtual teach pendant and write/modify programs offline in a text editor like notepad/notepad++/ultraedit etc and then load them into KROSET for syntax checking prior to loading into a live controller.

    Any specific tips or issues you come up against, whether it's a live robot or KROSET, just holla...…….:top:

  • Strange...………:hmmm:

    I have never come across that.

    So when you hold the right button down, and move your mouse (with the cursor in the viewer), the model does not rotate?

    Your right button is working in as far as 'normal mouse functions' are concerned?

    Is there ANY motion at all?

    You have the right viewing window selected?

    What happens when you hold SHIFT or CTRL and move the mouse, any motion then?

  • yes, when the right mouse button is held down the model does not rotate, all that moves is the curser. I believe its working normally as when I right click on the project name the drop down box appears and shows "Project, Batch operation, Add ect.". The only motion that occurs is the curser moves. What do you mean by the right viewing window? If you are referring to the buttons for the single/double/quadruple view then I have the single clicked currently but just for curiosity sakes I tried all three options and when I had quadruple selected I could rotate the model selected in the third and fourth view windows! but still not the first or second.

  • For those two settings I'm set the same. I changed it to Left click and same thing, didn't work in windows 1 and two but did in 3 and 4. I tried the key modifier and it allowed all four windows to essentially zoom in but didn't change the angle at all.

  • As default from installation, those settings should all work.

    I've attached currently all the settings I have set, see if yours match?

    Are you using a standard PC or laptop, if laptop do you have a trackpad/nipple you can disable?

  • and again

    As default from installation, those settings should all work.

    I've attached currently all the settings I have set, see if yours match?

    Are you using a standard PC or laptop, if laptop do you have a trackpad/nipple you can disable?

    Just seen your reply, I've configured all my setting to mirror yours and its still behaving the same. Looking at me device settings now. I'm working on a laptop. One of those Think Books with like 3 or four ways to mouse click and it has the nipple as well. ill try and disable them. Thanks!

  • I'm really not sure how these settings are configured during installation.

    I always assumed they were default, but it may well configure these based on the current installed 'mouse'.

    It sounds like a pain, but maybe worth uninstalling KROSET and reinstalling again if you can't get it going.

    When uninstalling KROSET, the 'MyKHILibraries' folder stored in the usual documents/my documents area doesn't get deleted, so you should be able to retain any projects you have created already without losing them.

    But if you're like me, when I uninstall anything, I don't rely on these things, so I copy the folder and save it just in case.

    • Helpful

    Just a follow up worked on this issue with Kawasaki and ended up needing assistance from japans K-Roset support. What ended up fixing the issues is I needed the camera settings set to default. Hopefully this will help anyone else with this issue. Thanks for all the help kwakisaki!

  • Good to know, and glad you've resolved it.

    Thanks for feeding back the root cause and also the fact that you had the OEM involved too, I know 'people' are sometimes reluctant to ask the OEM for assistance, but sometimes it pays off...…:top:

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