Baseware 2.1 for m94a irb 6400

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  • 3HAB2333-1 RW2.1 with 3 disks.

    During/after disk 3, it should ask to select the type of software load - either Standard or Service - select Standard.

    It will then ask for the Teach Pendant Text disk (3HAB2356-1 for RW2.1) and after it starts loading, it then asks to select language, IRB type, mounting.

    It then asks for the IRB disk (3HAB2340-1 for RW2.1 IRB6400 M94A) and load the appropriate files for the IRB type previously selected.

    After loading the IRB info, it will then ask if there are any option disks. I suggest answering NO until you get the motion part working.

  • hi skooter

    the irb disk that came with my software is 3hac 2342, there is no 2340 supplied,also

    i have tried service and standard but neither way it prompts me for the motor type

    i am wondering if i need an earlier version of software.

  • 3HAB2342 is the M96 2.1 IRB6400 disk so it will only load the M96 arm, that's why it doesn't prompt.

    BW2.1 is a great version, just need a disk set with the M94A 2.1 IRB disk (3HAB2340).

    It can run 2.0 which has just the one IRB disk and will give you the prompt.

    BW3.0 also requires a M94A IRB 3.0 disk

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