camera for R-30iB mate plus

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  • You are missing the connector

    Look at this picture

    Retired but still helping

  • That's not good. I think Fanuc has stopped shipping them prepared for vision due to supply shortages. You will need to contact them and get a new main board. Or go with GigE

    Ok which model for gige camera can use ?

    My mean fanuc gige

  • You need to make sure you have the correct software option and purchase the Basler camera. Or talk to Fanuc on purchasing the cxv system, or use a 3rd party system and comm protocol to send results.

    Would you please let me know which options should be installed for useing basler gige camera and irvision

    I want to use irvision with basler camera for VGR

  • The options need for showing the basler camera in irvision and can VGR with robot
    My mean pick& place

    the robot find piece as simple by basler camera and irvision software

    many thanks

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