Motosim "Controller <--> Pendant Connection Failure"

  • Hi all,

    This morning I tried to open in Motosim one of my working cells and has been welcomed with below screen:

    Unfortunately, it happened to every cell I tried to open, even with new ones just after insert a controller.

    My Motosim version if that helps:

    0000,MotoSimEG-VRC ver 2021


    *** MOTOSIM EG-VRC ***

    --- SYSTEM ---

    ./Archiver.exe 1.20

    ./CollisionDetectorManager.dll 12.00

    ./COMGraph.dll 1.70

    ./CSAPP_IF.dll 1.70

    ./JobBrowser.dll 1.70

    ./Hslsrv32.exe 4.00

    ./ModelMakerCLI.dll 12.00

    ./Liner32.dll 1.10

    ./MotoCom32.dll 4.40

    ./Motolk.dll 5.45.00


    ./MotoSimEG-VRC.exe 12.00

    ./msegcom.dll 12.00

    ./PathPlanEgn.dll 12.00

    ./RobotModel.dll 2.00

    ./RtsLib32.dll 12.00

    ./RtsRRSx.dll 12.00

    ./Rwdll32b.dll 12.00

    ./SpaCDHOOPS_3DF.dll 12.00

    ./SPACDKernel.dll 12.00

    ./SweepModelGenerator.dll 12.00

    ./VRC_IF.dll 4.80

    ./VRC_IF_CS.dll 1.40

    ./vrp32.dll 4.40

    Does any body know what could trigger such a problem? I tried online and offline with LAN adapters on and off, etc. no change. Still the same message.

  • Have you tried to reboot the controller from within MotoSim?

    Did Windows update occur recently?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • Can you send your CMOS.bin, i can check in my Motosim software too.

    I don't think it is related to CMOS, as I can't open any of my existing cells.

    Last time, when I had this type of message, it was triggered by wrong settings CV-X Keyence camera. I followed the manual and there was a wrong value to type to the controller. This cause a LAN port to crash the whole system and reboot TP. But it was completely different scenario.

  • When you've installed the motosim there was a file "motosim egvrc delete".

    Close the motosim, execute the file and open the motosim again

    Thank you for suggestiion.

    Solution: Run installation and choose the Repair option on the screen, were you are asked for choosing the type of installation you want.

  • I had that problem, it was all related to the firewall settings. The reinstall may have fixed the setting to allow through the firewall.

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