elmatech welder with kuka robot

  • Hello.

    I have an elmatech mig welder that connects via profibus to robot profi-bus ab v2.x [profi-bus daimler].

    I have the siemens profibus card in krc2 controller with kss 5.6.12

    what needed to connected this welder with robot controller ?

    Has anyone the manual of this welder or something similar elmatech manual ?

  • What type of ProfiBus card? What is it currently set up to do in the robot?

    I assume the welder cannot act as a PB Master. That means the robot will have to be configured as Master, which will require using the NCM software that came with the PB card to create a binary scanlist file, and configuring IOSYS.INI and PFBMS.INI to use that file. There are multiple threads on this in the forum archives.

  • The profibus card is kuka CP5614

    The profibus card does nothing now i got the welder separately from robot.

    Robot has installed kss 5.6.12 with arctech digital tech package and the profibus card.

    The robot will be master the problem is that i don't have the welder manual and can't find it.

    The welder manual is required ?

    for example for documentation profibus communication protocol to setup the robot...

    I know that this welder worked before with robot... but cannot find the profibus ab only profibus dp

    what is the profibus v2.x [daimler] ?

  • Was the CP5614 card installed using the KUKA installer package? Is it the KUKA-specific CP5614 card? Because just inserting a "generic" Siemens CP5614 card won't work in a KUKA controller. KUKA ProfiBus drivers are required, and installation procedure must be followed.

    Documentation for the welder will be required. Also, the correct GSD file for the welder. Creating the scanlist file for the robot requires NCM (comes with the KUKA ProfiBus driver package), and NCM requires a GSD file for every device that will be added to the scanlist.

    KUKA ProfiBus package includes PDFs with details.

  • Hello.

    Yes the profibus card is kuka not generic drivers was installed correctly.

    So i will need welder manual also i need GSD file for welder ?

    If i can't find GSD file what can i do ? nothing ?

    or there is way to create my own GSD file ?

    The GSD file provided by welder manufacturer or can i find it somewhere else ?

  • If you don't have a GSD file, I'm not sure what you could do. GSD file for a device should come from the manufacturer of that device. For most vendors, the GSD file can be downloaded from the vendor's website.

    Creating your own GSD might be possible, but I have no idea how to go about that.

  • Yes they answer me that the welder is old and not supported

    but i don't think 10 years old industrial robotic welder is old...

    Other companies provide support for their products 20 years and more...

  • Who answered you?

    In a welding forum they wrote that ElmaTech is not very cooperative.

    I was not able to post the link here, so just search for

    Elmatech mig vario 4003L (W) manual

    and you can find their answers

  • Yes they answer me that the welder is old and not supported

    but i don't think 10 years old industrial robotic welder is old...

    Other companies provide support for their products 20 years and more...

    I haven't tried recently, but KUKA has generally been quite good about providing details for older robots. I imagine that at some point, they have to start deleting the oldest records, but I'm pretty sure you can still get "as shipped" information for any KRC2s. KRC1s... those would be going on 30+ years at this point, so that's a bit more iffy.

    I would second MOM's suggestion about looking at welding forums. You might find more people who have the files for those welders and are willing to share.

  • it would be awesome if you can find someone to share the file you need. otherwise you can try to create one yourself. internet could be helpful on this:





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