Recovering Corrupt TP/LS File

  • Hi all, I recently came across robot program that freezes the TP when opening and scrolling down to line 56. This has frozen two separate robots as well as a roboguide cell. The program runs with no issues, so I am assuming the robot must compile out some of the errors at runtime.

    This program was completely developed on the TP and no offline programming was used. Fanuc said my only option was to delete and re-program, but I want to get second opinions before going that route. I've tried to get a copy of the LS via USB and FTP and both situations fail.

    If anyone has any ideas I am all ears.



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  • I cannot open it either. Do you have a backup?

    I have a backup that was preformed before major motion optimization was done for the process. Once the motion was modified, I was unable to backup the new file.

    I am hoping to recover those modifications, but it is looking like I have to bite the bullet and just delete and reprogram. Luckily I have pictures of the program structure and IO, I will just lose positional data.

  • Try this. I removed lines 56,57, so you will need to add PR[90] again to line 57. At least the rest of your positions are recovered (if it works..)

    Can I ask what you did to delete those lines? I tried on the actual robot and on OLPC Pro and both times it completely froze. Thank you so much!

  • Pretty interesting problem.

    Roboguide freezes even when I load the program on robot and try to copy MD:, for example.

    I had a problem more or less like this one, some years ago.

    In our case was a macro, from the an automaker standard. On some robots, this macro was corrupted. On others, it was fine.

    Since there was a good bunch of robots on site, people start to copy these macros from one robot to another, and it became basically a virus.

    We need to find one robot with a good file, and overwrite everything else.

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