synchronize motion

  • Hello ,

    I have DSQC 354 with S4C plus.

    I want my robot have different speed according to the encoders values in an press line.

    What would be the steps after installation of encoder and configuration the module on controller?

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  • thanks for your reply saboholic,

    robot with 100% speed suddenly stops behind the press machine and will wait for a allow to enter signal from PLC side. i need to modify this program and i would like to have an non stop movement with different speed of robot. so i needs to sync robot movements with encoder values on the press machine.

  • Hmm. About 15 years ago, I worked on a system that had this issue. It was KUKAs, not ABBs, but the basic principle should still be applicable. In this case, instead of syncing the robot speed to the encoder value, the robot's background task was constantly monitoring the distance from the TCP to the "final clear point" before the press (this point was different per program, as we had many different-sized parts, dies, and robot tools).

    As long as the press encoder was not within the robot's "clear to enter" range (this also changed, depending on the size of the die), the background task would begin reducing the robot's playback speed on an square-root curve -- basically, as the distance was halved, the speed would be reduced to 1/4. The curve was set so that the robot would achieve 0% speed before it hit the "final clear point" and the Wait-for-Input command that followed it.

    The final result was that, when the line was running smoothly, the robots' on-the-fly speed alterations would be minor, and almost invisible, but still keep the robots from ever actually stopping. And when the line sequence was disrupted (backed up, starved, E-Stops, etc), the entire line of presses and robots would come to a smooth halt and be able to recover as soon as the line was clear to move again.

  • Lemster68

    So is it impossible to adjust TCP speed according to the encoder values on S4C plus?

    fortunately I can change my controller to IRC5. is it required to install option package for synchronization or I can write the code without that?

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