(EDIT) Smart Servo Motion Extension and Network Errors

  • We have a Kuka iiwa 7 R800

    When we are installing to the controller from StationSetup.cat, when Smart Servo Motion Extension is selected there will be errors shown in the screenshot attached. We are able to upload and run programs from the arm just fine when we don't have smart servo motion extension enabled during the install.

    Here is the code we are trying to use Here. We are following the readme Here. Do you think we will need the smart servo motion extension to use torque control.


    We are unable to install to the robot at all. We are able to synchronize the project currently on there, but are not able to install any programs. The program on the robot currently was installed from a different installation of Sunrise.

    Anyone have any ideas of how we can fix this problem?

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  • Tanner Beard

    Changed the title of the thread from “Smart Servo Motion Extension and Network Errors” to “(EDIT) Smart Servo Motion Extension and Network Errors”.
  • HawkME

    Approved the thread.

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