Roboguide adding 7th axis (rail unit)

  • Hello everybody, i have some little problem. When I want to add 7th axis to roboguide, it is going well when i use software version 9.10. It will add 7th axis to robot, i can see it on position display (in Group 1 below XYZWPR) and simply move robot by this axis. One thing that i had to set was length of moving by this axis (max -8700-8700) and X or Y moving, that was all.

    But i need this thing for make workcell in version 8.30 and there is a huge problem. By creating workcell it doesnt allow me to set Y+ or X+ rail unit and then i must set there bunch of parameters which i dont know. If I set there some parameters (half of them i know from real robot backup from file summary.dg), it gets the 7th axis to Group 2 and I cant move robot and it shows an error SRVO-021 - SRDY off. How the hell can I create workcell with older software version (8.30) with 7th axis so simple like with 9.10? :/

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  • Generally a rail axis we used to configure as 7th axis of Group 1 itself, there are two options for adding an external axis one is integrated axis and extended axis, if you are configuring 7th axis as extended axis there won't be much details required and this axis won't have any relation with other 6 axis, now if you're going for integrated one this will need more details and it will have relation with 6 axis.

    Adding to Group 2 is not recommendable for rail axis.

    Thanks regards<br />Vipin..

  • Thank you. Yes, if I created workcell with 9.1 software version, i added extended axis, i just choosed Y or X rail and it was gone and going perfect. But if I create workcell with software version 8.30, i have no option to choose X or Y rail and it doesnt work and I must fill up a lot of parameters which i dont know and doesnt have to do with it.. But i must create workcell with software version 8.30.

  • Why don't you list out the parameters and we can help you determine what they should be.

    Have you tried just picking some values for them? Since it is a simulation they really don't matter, but they will on a real robot.

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