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    Now I'm not by the robot. But no, I dont have Local. I run the proccess from the external buttons. There's no problem with running or stopping program. There is one problem, that i want to automatically open ,," program after FCTN+ABORT ALL. Because i think it's not so nice to want from an operator to find some in lot of programs by pressing select and then pushing macro button to open HMI again.

    hmm stil doesnt do things well. If I reset robot with reset button (or shift+reset), it just does reset and if I choose start, it starts the last chosen program (another like main). But never plays my program. I dont remember this well but i think that there should be some system variable and some parameters which I have to change for this.

    Yes I press FCTN+Abort All (enter). Now I'm thinking how to do this thing. Because I have my own HMI through Browser and it is not so nice to want from an operator to click on select, turn on and then macro button to play browser again. We have here no external device, just an operation panel with buttons (start, reset robot, reset maintenance, stop cycle, open door.)..

    Yes I have but doesnt do that things. I was doing this maybe year ago but i dont remember on it. Shouldn't we anything change in system variables too?

    Hello everybody, I have a little problem. On my robot I have a lot of programs/subprograms that can run in production. But When I choose ABORT ALL, it does reset on actual running program. How can I do when I press "abort all" it will go to my MAIN.TP program to row 0? I have set in Prog select mode to OTHER, start method UOP, name of program i choose MAIN but it doesnt do what i want. :/

    Hello everyone,

    I just learned and wondered that I can't use something like SR[1] = SR[5] in background program (!) (like lot of another useful things. For example UR robot doesnt have problem with timers etc in bgprogram :/..) I need it for my HMI (.stm file) on robot, where I set SR[] to text label. Of course it goes well, but not in bgprogram. Is there a way how to do it? Thanks for every solution :)

    Hello everyone, how can I set autoloading of index.stm after turning on the robot? Now i must open a browser through menu and then click on Home page. But i know there is a solution, where my own HMI - index.stm automatically opens. Thanks :)

    Thank you. Yes, if I created workcell with 9.1 software version, i added extended axis, i just choosed Y or X rail and it was gone and going perfect. But if I create workcell with software version 8.30, i have no option to choose X or Y rail and it doesnt work and I must fill up a lot of parameters which i dont know and doesnt have to do with it.. But i must create workcell with software version 8.30.

    Hello everybody, i have some little problem. When I want to add 7th axis to roboguide, it is going well when i use software version 9.10. It will add 7th axis to robot, i can see it on position display (in Group 1 below XYZWPR) and simply move robot by this axis. One thing that i had to set was length of moving by this axis (max -8700-8700) and X or Y moving, that was all.

    But i need this thing for make workcell in version 8.30 and there is a huge problem. By creating workcell it doesnt allow me to set Y+ or X+ rail unit and then i must set there bunch of parameters which i dont know. If I set there some parameters (half of them i know from real robot backup from file summary.dg), it gets the 7th axis to Group 2 and I cant move robot and it shows an error SRVO-021 - SRDY off. How the hell can I create workcell with older software version (8.30) with 7th axis so simple like with 9.10? :/

    Yes, it is possibl to download whole robot data from robot to roboguide. You have to play program Robot neighborhood which is with Roboguide, and there add your robot (IP adress). Then you run roboguide and choose the last option ,,Create an exact copy of robot". there you can find your online robot, which you added in robot neighborhood.

    I got used to Fanuc robot, however they are like from 90's with their software (for example UR are more modern to use) but I wish to have new thing in Roboguide which makes me angry. In roboguide you can't zoom objects in other ways, there's just magnifier but the moving with camera (f.e. between objects!) is missing. WHY? That thing is in every 3D program like Blender, Catia, Pro engineer etc.. So if you have some big object before the other, you can't see the other because you can't move with camera between them.

    I don't remember it now, but when i was learning to do with this vision, I placed calibration grid according to the manual. It worked fine, but lot of time I played with it..