Roboguide add 2 external axis

  • Hello, I come towards you today to wonder which options I have to activate in Roboguide to insert two external axes (in supplement in the robot).

    I already have to insert an external axis by following this tutoriel on YouTube:

    On this video, the external axis moves Y with regard to(compared with) the mark WORLD, is it possible to add another external axis besides this one but which(who) shall move X?

    Because I followed the same method of addition of the seventh axis but I cannot select the Rail Unites of the axis Y when I make clique(pipe band) straight ahead "Attach Robot".

    The robot is positioned on the seventh axis (travel(movement) in Y)
    Can the eighth axis move X, while moving the seventh axis but also the robot?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Johan Dornez

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  • I try that but the axis Y don't move with the axis X, it's problematic, I contacted Fanuc France and he(it) informed me that it is not possible to add two Rail Unites and to move them together.

    It is necessary to add two rail Unites in the same machine

    Machines1 --> G:1, J:7 - Link1 --> G:1, J:8 - Link 2 --> And attach the robot

    But that does not still work, it is necessary to activate very certainly an option when we serialize the robot, I relaunched the Support Fanuc and I wait their answers.

    While waiting for I waste time on a simple simulation of handling with a process having 8 axes and it is excessively irritating to be blocked on a thing so common place even if I begin in the job of Robotician

    Thanks you in advance

  • Hi J
    Here is the step by step process to add 2 extended axis

    Create your robot (Group 1) with extended axis control option enabled (J518)
    Once the robot is created, Restart using the contrelled start
    Go to MENU -> MAINTENANCE -> Extended Axis Control (MANUAL)

    Add axis 7,8 (You define the extended axis parameters: motor type, max amperage, gear ratio

    Define the axis as an integrated rail unit, here you define also the motion direction [X, Y, Z]

    Complete the axis definition information: Max speed, Motion Sign, Upper andLowe Limits, Master Position
    Accel Times, Min Acceleration time, Load Ratio, Amplifier number, Brake number
    Servo Off configuration (Since this is virtual robot you can use anyvalue)
    The most important is the direction of motion of the axis

    After adding the extended axis, restant the controller (cold start)

    You can now jog the axis with the teach pendant (the value of the corresponding coordinate changes when you jog the extended axis)
    Up to here the we´ve done the same procedure as if we were working on a real robot.

    But you would notice that the virtual robot does NOT actually move.

    The following are extra steps needed to animate the motion

    Add a Machine to the cell

    Usually the machine has a frame or fixed structure, you must specify the CAD and origin location/orientation
    To keep things simple you can use a null model (a sphere of diameter 0)

    Now add the first integrated rail unit as a link of the machine, you define again a CAD model and origin
    Is critical to orient the link´s Z+ axis to match the motion direction of the corresponding extended axis

    In each step you define a spatial relation: of the machine coordinate frame relative to cell coordinate frame,
    of the first link coordinate frame relative to the machine coordinate frame
    of the link´s CAD model relative to its coordinate frame

    It is important to zero the corresponding extended axis to locate the CAD model correctly at zero position

    Instead of adding the second link, you attached the robot to the first link
    That creates the last link, but in this case you only define the coordinate frame, the robot becomes the CAD model for this link
    You only need to oriented, remember that the link Z+ SHOULD match the direction of motion of the second extended axis
    Of course the robot world coordinate should match the directions of the extended axis

    If you have a CAD model for the second link, you include it as a robot´s base dressout

    You SHOULD be the motion animated now

  • That's A Great Response From You🙏.

    I Want To Add An External Axis (Servo Motor)To Rotating My Welding Fixture.Is The Procedure Is Same As Above?

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