Auto Recover

  • Is there any documentation on the auto recovery option? We have a project that will require that the robot has this option and was wondering if there are any manuals on this. Trying to get everything setup before the robot gets here.

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  • Do you mean like return to home?

    I have set that up on a few cells.

    Create a HOLD situation for the fault, then call the master job again and call your recovery job.

  • Its the auto recovery feature. We need it to automatically reset and continue if it crashes. I know this is a feature on the Fanucs and it works pretty good I would assume Motoman is the same.

  • Ok so a combination of my solutions.

    You'll trigger the master job, the call your recovery job. We normally program that with some IMOVs in a safe direction then a move to home.

    If you have some sort of reject part mode, trigger that and then call your job to start the next part.

  • This auto recovery/ error recovery function can be done by Yaskawa, it is not a standard option but the ladder needs modifications and with the use of interrupt jobs and macros, I have used this function and have done the setup in welding robots NX/DX100/DX200 where if the robot gets an alarm while welding, instead of alarming right away will call an interrupt job and do an exit sequence, then and only then will alarm, once the alarm is cleared the robot will return and finish welding where the error originally occurred, even you can setup the robot to overlap the weld by starting mm before the error occurred.

    Thanks :hi-bye:

    Hero for fun, I'll help you when I'm bored.

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