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    Thank you I didn't know this and just tried it. super helpful! Also worked for extended language PVars in my program (ie. P[I000]

    It's a super handy trick that a lot of programmers I've worked with didn't know.

    Also works for opening Call : Job statements

    RoboDk will also provide a trial license if you contact them.

    I was able to test a few of the advanced features out during that time.

    I would suggest to try and think of use cases before starting the trial, so that you can learn with a target goal in mind rather then just playing around.

    For example, i used my trial to test the 'Path Follow' feature to test a dispensing application.

    It wasn't the best way to do it; but i have seen this done by teaching ~a dozen points along the bend. the suction cups allowed for enough flexibility to make up for exactness.

    I think they taught it with vacuum off, and just kept touching up the points as it moved.

    What about storing position values in the PLC and feeding the robot X,Y,Z,DX,DY,DZ over network?

    or if parts are similar, One general job with typeset specific offsets fed from PLC data? I use this method on several cells.

    If you changed the job name offline, ie saved as new with N++, make sure you changed the job name in the header informaton to match. (second line of JBI file)

    So that is a safety system then. You need to review risk assessment and safety regulations to ensure you are setting up a safe environment.

    This barrier, it is protecting a part load area? a shared space with robot operations?

    I appreciate all the discussion here, and i want to make it clear I am not new to this world, or looking for free information or just a solution to copy. But I do get that OTHERS might copy without understanding and that would be bad.

    In my head i was thinking more along the lines of panels/discussions similar to RIA conferences. Where people have presented a safety situation they had, and the solutions they came to. the discussions were always great and i have always come away with at least one new way of looking at things.

    I thought a dedicated area to discuss those things would benefit everyone.

    I am not simply looking for free information, my work has all the latest technical standards, I am thinking actual application suggestions.

    Like if you had a unique task, or solution then it could be a place to share it for others who might run into a similar issue.
    Things like methods of alternative entry are another one, i have seen dozens of methods used... sometimes in the same plant..

    A forum post carries zero legal liability and 1000 people trying to solve the same issues will come up with countless options, and some will miss details.

    The thing i hate most, If i am trying to repair a 1976 washing machine, there is a youtube video for exactly that.. Trying to design a safe working envelope etc; and you find nothing.

    I think a forum section should be added for sharing robot safety and hazard mitigation information. Use the collective hive mind for risk assessments, mitigation ideas, safety circuits etc.

    I have always hated how difficult it can be to find examples of real world solutions to robot safety issues that I am SURE others have already solved.

    Any one else interested?

    Motosim is the Yaskawa simulation software.

    It is a purchased software though you might be able to get a demo from your rep.

    I learned what i know from reading the manuals and experimenting. I admit that I dont know every parameter and option, but I learned enough to keep the plant running smooth.

    The arm orientation is not guaranteed.

    Just want to reiterate this point. We had a machine that was taught by the supplier, Every position was a PVAR in XYZ.

    Everything standard worked well, but if an abnormal condition happened, and the maintenance team had to home the robot, they would get the B Axis 180deg out.

    Everything looked normal and it would run, but our final place position was .5mm off and that was visible in the final part.

    Reteaching to PVAR and the issue was gone forever.