RJ2 420I not powering up

  • I think the taps should be okay. This is a robot that has been operating for 7 years with no issue. I will double check the voltage at the taps. Thanks for responding. I have checked all the fuses in the controller and they are good with exception to the thermal fuses in the windings of the transformer that PDL suggested which I will check this morning.

  • Still Down. Anybody have other ideas? The PSU has AC input and AC output but no DC output. Changed PSU with a new used one same issue. no 24 dc power is going to any printed circuit board in the entire console including the amplifier. I have changed back plane and transformer with new used ones.

  • Check the OFF switch on the SOP and make sure it is not stuck in slightly. This is a normally closed switch.

    Assuming you are not using an external ON/OFF, make sure the jumper between TBOP2-2 & -3 is installed.

  • Without having much experience in Fanuc specifically, but electrically:

    1. Is it possible the 24V from the PSU is overloaded, therefore reducing the output by either failed component or harnessing short circuits.

    2. Is there anyway of isolating the output from the PSU by systematically removing the components that the PSU supplies without losing data etc.

    - Just to see if the 24V becomes available without a specific component connected.

    - This could highlight where the problem may lie.

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