• We have several problems with kr200 robot and krc1 control.

    We adquarired this robot one year ago and we have been triying to get in going for a month but every time we solve some, others come out.

    These are the problems that we can´t not resolve:



    1 Emergency stop

    We think that the problem it is in the relays of the emergency stop because we activate the "dead man" button its relays are activated the same way for service mode key (T1/T2) but the "emergency stop" relays are not activated with annything.

    In addition we have a INZ55/9 board what we belived replace to FE201 and FE202 boards and we could not find information about this board.

    We attach images of version robot, errors an the relays.

    Thanks for your help

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  • Did you read the pinned READ_FIRST topic? Please provide DETAILS.

    The FE201 and FE202 boards are clusters of dual-channel safety relays. I've never heard of an INZ55 board.

    Have you wired your X11 connector correctly? You must close the E-Stop pairs on the X11 in order to close the FE20x E-Stop relays.

    DRIVES CONTACTOR OFF is not an error, simply a status. It is present until the motors are energized.

    The 223 error is more concerning. Does this robot have more than 6 axes?

  • With the robot in T1 mode, the motors should energize simply by squeezing the deadman enabler on the KCP.

    Squeezing the deadman should make two small relays on the FE20x board close. Less than a second later, the main motor relay (K0?) should close -- it usually makes a very audible 'thud' sound.

    Also, the Drives icon on the KCP should change from I to O

  • Hi SkyFire! :hi-bye: thanks for your help in our problem.

    The relays for deadman on the FE20x closed when we push this button but the Drivers icon did'nt change and too the relay for "Drivers on"in FE20x . we don't knos why.

    Do you think that this is a cause of the MFC board?

  • There is no relay on the MFC. All the relays involved here are on the FE20x boards. There were multiple generations of those boards, so you will need to examine the electrical diagrams of the FE20x boards and trace back what is required to close the main drive relay (K0, or K1, IIRC). The FE20x boards are well-designed with red and green LEDs for each relay, to assist in troubleshooting.

  • "El relé de accionamiento principal si se cierra y los indicadores LED se enciende en verde, ¿por qué existe otra posible razón por la que los motores no se energizan y el icono de la unidad nunca cambia?"

    English translation by Google Translate:

    The main drive relay if it closes and the LEDs turn green, why is there another possible reason why the motors do not energize and the unit icon never changes?

  • If you want to use language other than English, post in other forums. Otherwise your posts will be deleted.... You can use Google translate just like i did.

    Also what's with the huge font? I will warn once, next time will ban you.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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