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    I have a problem with KRC1, in the kcp mark the error number 118 that has to do with heat sink temperature check the temperature sensor that is next to the heatsinks and is good condition.

    Someone who could tell me what else should check.

    In the same way remove and clean all the boards of the PM6-600 power module.:(

    Hello I have a problem with a krc1, when I turn on the robot I get the error 118 which says heat sink temperature, I think it has to do with ballast resistance I don't know if someone can correct me if I am correct or Because of that problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

    : /

    Thank you very much panic mode it has become clear to me thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

    I have another idea about how to deactivate grippers licenses that the robot no longer uses? For this question is it necessary to open a new thread?:/

    It is a kuka KR C1 Kss V2.3.24 and is the pendant selector switch in which it is changed by means of a key.

    The question of T2 asked why an expert who has worked with robots told me that to run a program it is necessary to go through T2 mode and I really do not know if it is correct.:(

    I write to ask for help, I am working with a kuka krc1 robot and I am relatively new in this the problem I have is that in the mode selector it does not detect the T2 mode. What would be the origin of this problem?:/

    Look panic mode this is a test program where I only declare a variable and it shows me that compilation error the truth I am new in this and it would help me a lot where I have to correct the error.

    I am waiting for your response!


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    I write to ask for your help. I have a Kuka KR200 with a KRC1 V2.3.24. I had several problems to move it, but finally I could do it. The problem I have now is that my programs send me an error 1327 (LINK ERROR) Reading in manuals and the forum (Error 1327 on KRC1) I find that I need some files but I don't know what files and I don't have the CD to get them out there too.

    Could someone tell me if exist some file tih a list of the files necesaryfor the robot? or could someone send me the files for my robot?

    "El relé de accionamiento principal si se cierra y los indicadores LED se enciende en verde, ¿por qué existe otra posible razón por la que los motores no se energizan y el icono de la unidad nunca cambia?"

    English translation by Google Translate:

    The main drive relay if it closes and the LEDs turn green, why is there another possible reason why the motors do not energize and the unit icon never changes?

    We have several problems with kr200 robot and krc1 control.

    We adquarired this robot one year ago and we have been triying to get in going for a month but every time we solve some, others come out.

    These are the problems that we can´t not resolve:



    1 Emergency stop

    We think that the problem it is in the relays of the emergency stop because we activate the "dead man" button its relays are activated the same way for service mode key (T1/T2) but the "emergency stop" relays are not activated with annything.

    In addition we have a INZ55/9 board what we belived replace to FE201 and FE202 boards and we could not find information about this board.

    We attach images of version robot, errors an the relays.

    Thanks for your help


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