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  • go to:

    monitor > variable > single: type "$softp_end[1]". this will show the software limit setting in the positive direction for A1. You can modify value if you require, just be sure that it is before the physical hard stops.

    you can then repeat this for $softn_end[1] for the axis travel in the negative direction.

  • Did you try what Mr.E told?
    may be another suggestion:
    What is you motion command exactly? IS is joint related joint coordinate system (E6AXIS) or cartesian (E6POS)? I don't know why but I have found sometime what PTP {A1,A2...A6} cannot do PTP {X,Y,z,A,B,C} can do that. I am researching this currently.

  • Good I have found the way to solve the problem. It was a failure of the configuration in the software.
    someone could tell me the amounts that have to be put to each axis in the $ softn_end and the $ softp_end that are found in the $ machine.dat I have the misconfigured values.

    Thank you very much.

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