kuka use for CNC

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  • It can be done. The question is cost, complexity, and accuracy.

    No robot will ever achieve CNC accuracy, even on easy milling jobs. Hard materials, or cutting paths with many corners, switchbacks, changes in velocity/direction, all make this worse.

    Many CAM software packages for robots exist -- KUKA.CNC, RobotMaster, Grashopper/Rhino, etc. Most of them are very expensive. Software for handling multi-axis milling (beyond simple 3D, 3-axis CNC) becomes much more expensive.

    For very simple, 2.5D milling, it is possible to write a simple parser that will convert simple G-Code into equivalent KRL commands, although handling feeds, spindle RPM, and "special" G-Code commands like G06, G42, etc, could be complicated.

  • Kuka was made 2005 . windows XP , KRC v5.5.8
    I want metal tusk , with kuka applied CNC .
    what can I do ?
    CNC package must caret to Kuka ?
    pleas help me .

  • "Metal tusk" ???

    As we already explained, there are multiple options for using a KR for CNC. Which option you choose depends entirely on the specific task you are attempting to carry out, your budget, and your skill at programming in KRL.

  • - find local Kuka rep (internet search, phonebook, binocular... whatever works for you)
    - contact him (consultation is not binding, costs you nothing to ask...)
    - explain your needs
    - let him present recommended options that are best suited to your needs (including any training, integration and support)
    - if you are happy with presented, pick option you like and ask for a quote, otherwise tell him you are not satisfied and why, then tell him goodbye and start again with somone else
    - if you are happy with quote, issue purchase order for said amount and wait for delivery of the product (such as CNC software)

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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