Mirrored Circe

  • Hello;

    I am using KR200 with KSS V4.1. I am trying to move robot a simple arc with "circ" command. The robot moves from start to end position but as a mirrored.I have defined positons trought to clockwise but it moves anti clockwise.How can i solve that problem?

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  • Hello;
    I have attached my program as a jpg file.The firs PTP with P1 point is a point above the arc start point.After that line,there is a ;CIRC with P12 P13 command.I am using that command to reach to the real arc start position.Then there are two arc for one circle. Why I use first CIRC command? Because only that way the robot moves correct direction when it execute two arc for one circle.Otherwise the robot moves wrong direction.

    In additonally my $CIRC_TYPE=#PATH , $ORI_TYPE=#VAR


  • what happens if you run the program step by step?
    Is the angle of the arc is bigger than 180 degrees? In this case I will do the arc in two circ instructions, for example.

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