Remote VNC connection to a KRC4 system

  • Hello all,

    I need to be able to remotely connect to the new KRC4 robot using VNC in a way I can see the SMARTPAD display and an external one that shows the same than the SMARTPAD.

    When I've tried to install RealVNC into the robot I've been able to see a message telling me that I can't install the mirror driver through a RDC...

    Has somebody get it to work?

    Is it possible to have a remote connection to a KRC4 and at the same time see the same on the SMARTPAD? If it is possible, what should I do?

    Thank you all!

  • AD
  • you can try UltraVNC

    I have tested @ks8.2.26

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

  • Does that work even if the SmartPad is connected?


    but I have not tested it if the SmartPad is disconnected

    KUKA Conntroller : _________<br />KSS Software : ____________ <br />Robot Model: _____________

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  • i'm using a plain remote desktop connection,
    just locate the KLIconfig.xml file and edit the line relative to the port 3389 from this:

    <NATRule>rdr [GlobalNatInterface] [addr] port 3389 -&gt; [host:WINDOWS] port 3389 tcp proxy RemoteIP</NATRule>

    to this

    <NATRule>rdr [GlobalNatInterface] [addr] port 3389 -&gt; [host:WINDOWS] port 3389 tcp</NATRule>

    username: kukauser
    password: 68kuka1secpw59

    it works on KRC4 for me


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  • Hello diglo,

    This is very interesting. I currently use VNC, but I would like to try this.
    On your PC, you use the remote desktop connection provided by Windows ?
    About the password/user, are they some you define on the KRC4 windows part ?


  • - once the connection has been established, smartpad goes blank. to regain access to the smartpad, turn the keyswitch, select the robot and then the mode T!/T2/EXT/AUT
    - user/password are default ones and cannot be changed
    - to initiate the connection, just put the KRC IP address in the field of the remote desktop connection dialog
    - yes you don't need to install anything, it's all embedded in windows!


  • Hi Guys!!!

    I am trying to access D Drive(shared) on KRC4 controller (KSS 8.2.22) on my laptop via Ethernet. I have correctly configured the IP addresses and could see smartpad using VNC.

    I want to copy some data from my laptop to controller and vice versa but when I try it is asking me for username and password. I do not know the username and password.

    Please tell the username and password as it would be very helpful for everyone.

    Thanks :help:

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