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    Hello guys,

    I'have got an old but working KSD1-08 servo drive from an old robot, does anyone know if it is possible to use that drive in a DIY context, maybe emulating the protocol with an Arduino or similar? The drive is using the INTERBUS protocol but there is no documentation around...

    Is there here any crazy hacker who tried to do that?


    hello, yes it still usable, but i do not offer any warranty on the code!

    you have access to any GLOBAL variables you delclare in your .dat files

    DO NOT expect real-time communication and do not use this variable exchange method to control process-critical aspects.

    I have come up with an update of the socket communication, i will update the files shortly.


    Hello robot people!

    Do you know whether the Fanuc Roboguide simulator does compute the reducer wear when running a simulation?

    I've been running a simulation of a very intensive application for few hours and the reducer life is not changing in the page MENU-STATUS-AXIS-DIAG


    Thank you DHA, I figured it out myself...
    I made a fimple karel program which can set the configuration flags for a given PR[] index:


    The I/O works normally.
    The fault only appears when I cut the power supply to the I/O rack, which is of course understandable!

    I just would like to know how to put the rack back to service after a power cut, without cycling the power of the controller if it's possible.


    Hello robot people!

    we are going to install an ABU05A I/O rack outside of the controller cabinet, powered with a dedicated 24V PSU.

    If the interface module AIF01A is powered off while the robot controller is on, the system throws this error message:

    PRIO-020 I/O Link comm error 4, 0, 2, 40 (hex)

    The I/O Link communication is not automatically restored when the interface module is powered back on.
    Is there a way to clear this error and restore the communication without cycling the power of the robot contoller, in my case a R-30iB?


    This is a general programming question...

    If you have a lage number of comparison to do, declare your variables as an array of REAL or INT and then use a FOR loop to iterate...


    Hello robot people!

    I've been working on a solution to natively communicate with the robot controller without the KUKAVARPROXY bridge and finally figured out how to do it.

    I'll develop a CrossComm interface component which will allows an application to natively communicate with the controller without the overhead and latency of the TCP communication needed with KUKAVARPROXY.

    Is anyone interested in the thing?


    There's an option package called KUKA.MultiSubmitInterpreter, which allows you to run up to 8 different SPSs simultaneously (we have it on our testing robot at the workshop)

    You may use one instance only to generate your signal.


    I don't know how to have a kuka robot applying a determined force along a vector, but if you just neet to set one or more "soft" axes, you can apply a torque limitation:

    I wrapped the KUKA functionality in this function:

    And to make axis 1 pushable by hand for 10 sec, you can do:

    WAIT SEC 10



    My answer is: you will never get precise and repeatable timing on digital outputs.

    SPS is not running at a fixed rate! While you can use a timer to set/reset a $OUT, the SPS cycle frequency will vary with the logic run inside it (if-else blocks can affect the SPS cycle frequency), so it will add jitter to your signal.

    The only way I've been able to achieve precise timing is by using triggers, so during motion (I've been working on a robotized dotmatrix printer project).


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