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    Hello guys,
    i can't understand how to do this thing with ABB robot:

    Move to a target and set a variable (For example, nCounter:=123).
    If i do it in this way:

    MoveL target,vMax,z200,tool1;
    MoveL target2,vMax,z200,tool1;

    i can't arrive in target2 and variable is already 345 because of the zone..
    is there any method to set when i'm near the target?
    I tried with MoveLsync but i can't set a variable or call a procedure with an argument...
    obviosly i can't use "fine" MoveL...

    Thank you so much!

    P.S: With Kuka Robot i use TRIGGER WHEN DISTANCE=1 to set a variable when I arrive in target

    Well... depends on what you're doing. I've known quite a few "robot programmers" who were excellent at hands-on motion path programming, and could squeeze every last millisecond out of a complex motion in tight quarters... but had no "programming" skills in the sense of writing software.
    My opinion is that this type of job is dying out, however -- the industry is moving away from "hands on" programming towards "offline" programming -- complex robotic operations programmed and debugged entirely in virtual environments, with little to no hands-on work performed in the actual deployment.
    One exception to this may be "cobots", which are designed to work alongside human operators and to be "trained" by unskilled operators.

    So, skills. At minimum: Basic skills in general programming, at minimum -- the ability to look at a program and grasp what it's doing, and make modifications to it. Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting skills, enough to identify faults and repair minor breakdowns. A sense of the robot's kinematics -- how it moves, what moves work well and which ones to avoid (singularities, for example), and how the "logical" parts of the programs interact with the "motion" parts. A decent basic grasp of general computer skills, like installing and using different software packages, and how to connect a computer to other computers (or PLCs, robots, etc), including basic network troubleshooting. An ability to read manuals and documentation, locate the exact sections you need for a particular task, and figure out what the writers of the documentation failed to write down "because it's so obvious!"

    I love it

    i create a program with an array of position

    arrayPosition : ARRAY[10] OF POSITION

    My problem is that i can't modify these position by the "mod" key in the teach pendant
    Does anyone know why or how i can solve it?

    Thank you so much!!

    Hello guys,
    i have a problem with several ABB irc5 robot (irb 1600):
    Robot in auto is quite slow! And also, from 50% to 100% speed doesn't change!
    I use vmax in movements (moveJ), tool load is correct (i also tried with 1kg load and doesn't change)
    I tried with: VelSet 100, 7000
    And: AccSet 100, 100
    But doesn't change

    What can influence robot speed?
    Thank you!!

    Is there something else to do except setting:
    31 Signal to set in AUTO mode DO[22] - in my case.
    Because I did it and there is no reaction at all in Digital Output [22].

    Sorry, you're doing something wrong, this works for sure
    Where are you checking if DO[22] is ON or OFF?
    Are you sure that someone else is not writing DO[22]?

    You can use SETREG in the robot program to set a memory (part in the gripper) and then block the Open in the ladder if you have the register=1 (memory)

    In IF/Panel use selector instead of button...configure it with 2 output and you will have, for example, leff for open and right for close: in one button.