RJ3 Servo error 230/231

  • I have a problem with a Fanuc RJ3i S430i system.
    I am getting alarm SRVO 230 and 231 saying 24 and 0v chains are abnormal.
    I have a reference manual for programming, but this refers to MAINTENANC MANUAL B--81465EN if simply releasing and squeezing the dead man's switch doesn't work.

    I'm not too familiar with Fanuc so this could be something simple I'm overlooking. This is a training robot and I have come to work (unpaid) to familiarise myself with these robots and have been assured that it has been working in the past.

    Any help much appreciated, as always.

  • Apparently it's quite common.


    Scroll to 28-Reset CHAIN FAILURE detection :False
    Set to TRUE.
    This will stay true for a second or so then go false again.

    Reset and try again.
    If this doesn't work depress and release Estop then try again.

  • You HAVE TO keep pressed any e-stop because SRVO-230 can be due to a mis-synchro on open or close phase to any 2 channel contact (relays on redundant and/or Operator Panel).
    Is it fix or you can reset and then appear again? i.e. when pressing a deadman or enabling TP.Just 2 b sure do procedure with keyswitch on AUTO and TP OFF, doing this you'll exclude deadman safety chain.

    of course hw failure can be the cause: Operator Panel, Redundant, TP, TP Cable.


  • This occurs frequently on the earlier models with dual chain safety circuit. Its usually caused by "Feathering" the deadman switch while programming.

  • Hello ,

    I also have a frequent problem with srvo- 230 alarm, and it s causing us dead time.
    Robot controller is RJ3iB version 6.1 so I dont have BG logic. Instead, I created an autoexecute program .

    The problem is that I cant set $MCR.$CHAIN_RESET equal to UI[5:Fault Reset]);

    When I select ''Paramenter Name " I have only R,constant, AR , PR to choose from. I also cant do this from I/O.
    Maybe it s not possibile in this software version?!

    Thanks in advance!

  • canvis,
    I have the same problem with my robot. I searched a lot about it but I couldn't find any solution. Set $MCR.$CHAIN_RESET equal to UI[5:Fault Reset]); The software version of my robot because it can't be found in this setting. If you find a different solution I would be glad to share it.

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