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    Hello to all,

    I had this situasion also.
    The robot was not moving in straight line.
    The cause was that J4 was not in 0 position when the mastering was done. Remastered with all axes in 0 position solved the problem.

    Hello ,

    I also have a frequent problem with srvo- 230 alarm, and it s causing us dead time.
    Robot controller is RJ3iB version 6.1 so I dont have BG logic. Instead, I created an autoexecute program .

    The problem is that I cant set $MCR.$CHAIN_RESET equal to UI[5:Fault Reset]);

    When I select ''Paramenter Name " I have only R,constant, AR , PR to choose from. I also cant do this from I/O.
    Maybe it s not possibile in this software version?!

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello to all,

    I ve been trying to disable password login on a RJ3iB controller V6.10.

    So, I have the password for INSTALL level user-> I login -> but when I press NEXT i cant find the DISABLE button. It shows only CLEAR/ CLEAR ALL..

    I had a look in system -> variables -> $password but I didn t find nothing to be able to repair this..

    Any ideas..?

    Thanks a lot !


    So this is how I finally did it:

    LBL 1
    JMP LBL 3
    LBL 2
    JMP LBL 1
    LBL 3

    And prog continues to main routine..
    Thank you all for helping !

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    Hi to all,

    I want to turn an DO - ON when WAITING on input of a RI.

    I have checked and tried :

    '' System - Config - Output When Wating on Input '' but RI are not available.

    I have tried with a TIMER but I didn t managed to get it done.

    The original program is:


    I want to set a DO - ON if the RI 2 is not true after 5 sec and the program to continue WAITING for the RI - ON . (This signal will be sent to the plc through Ethernet/IP option . Comm between controller and plc is done)

    Controller version is R30iB.

    Can somebody help with an idea?

    thanks in advance!

    You can use the End Effector conector wich is mounted on the j2 or j3 axis. You can search for wiring connections in the manuals.
    (Somebody correct me if I m wrong)

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    Now I have numbered the Cycles too in Roboguide and mine worked for 9 times.. until the alarm.
    Looks like that, this work if you ABORT the cycle from time to time and Cycle Start is repressed (and it will start from ''0'').

    Thank you for sharing!

    Hello to all,

    My question is this way:

    In my robot controller I have an program wich contains:
    - one main routine
    - seven subroutines

    What do you think of the idea that if I call the Main Routine from a SubRutine (before the subroutine ends) the Controller is making a copy of the M.R. and it s memory gets more loaded.( I think this should be RAM memory)

    I was living with the idea that if I CALL the M.R. from a S.R. it will be the same M.R. only that it will run the program from line 1.

    How do you think that fanuc controller works?

    Thank you.

    P.S. the program is running this way but one friend of mine said that the above situation it can happen.

    Does somebody CALLS the M.R. when the run line is in the middle of an S.R.?

    Hello to all,

    I m almost in the same situation.
    Somebody told me that you load "all of above '' file on another robot but without 3 file. One I think is the file that contains servomotor pulses data. If you do that you have to remaster the robot.
    Somebody correct me if I m wrong.

    Hello to all,

    First of all I have created the CH program and I have added the monitor instruction in the program.
    Evrything is ok the robot is running the lines but sometimes is stopping at one line ( it remains in cycle start without no fault) and it just waits. I have to abort and press Cycle Start again and it will continue running the program. I have no ideea why this happens , and this problem appears to all the controller I have tested(3 robots).

    I have modified the program to IF and LBL instructions.

    Thank you all for helping me!

    Hello to all,

    I have to modify a robot program and I just can t get it done. So maybe somebody can enlight me :smiling_face:

    In my program the robot waits for a signal to continue runnig the program(LINE 10).



    So, before line 10 I have to check if the operator trigger an DI, if the operator triggers an DI i have to CALL an program.
    The robot waits a few minutes.

    First I was thininking to use SKIP instr . but I saw that in can only work with a movement to a point.

    So I found MONITOR instr. but I cant get it work.
    when I insert MONITOR and I have to select program to monitor it shows only 1 to 8 numbers and I cant select nothing.
    The picture is from roboguide but I have also tryed in the TP and is the same situation.

    Any ideas?
    This instruction is ok for what I have to do?

    Thank you very much!

    I will check this by also saving the files of the spare robot and comparing installed options in roboguide for both robots.
    Thanks , i will let you know.

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