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    It is not possible to solve this problem without changing the cable. You have already mentioned the subject, but I am definitely against trying these methods of "taking the brake in vain, suspending the robot with the help of a crane" while the cable failure is continuing. It has happened to me many times that when the cable is faulty, moving the robot leads to a much bigger malfunction. I'm writing this as someone who damaged the driver card or CPU card. If there is a break in the cable, it may not be a problem, but if there is a short circuit, your failure may become impossible. I don't think anything mechanical is removable either, and wherever you need to disassemble to replace the cable, whichever closed cabinet you need to disassemble, I think just disassemble it.

    "Alihan kardeşim ilgin için teşekkürler.."

    I have read many different topics in the Abb documents, but I have not found a feature that exactly corresponds to the "Program Argument" feature in the Fanuc software. I was able to find the solution to the "OffsetCondition" problem that I opened the topic earlier and the problem of running another program Decently between the lines only by the method I shared in the picture. I would like to share it, maybe one day it will be useful for someone. By the way, I love this site, it doesn't end Dec.. Respects.

    "Lemster68" Thank you very much for your interest. I started reading the documents you wrote from one side. I think I will find the most appropriate method for my own program logic. I'm looking at examples of the "function Present()" application.. Respects.

    Greetings to all my masters, I am working with the IRC5 IRB2600 robot. I'm installing a fiber laser welding machine. From the "Add Instruction" section, I am calling a subroutine that I created earlier with the normal "ProcCall" command. There is no problem so far, but sometimes I want the robot to run between the lines that I Decipher, not all the lines in this subroutine. Fanuc also had Argument options such as "Call 1Prog(1,2)", and I could start the program I called on a single line from the desired line and finish it on the desired line. How is this work being done at Abb, I am waiting for help from my masters, regards..

    Lemster68, thank you very much for your answer, but I would be grateful if you could describe in more detail how the topic you are writing is done with an example program or how the program I am writing can be done in the way you describe.


    I am still very new to Abb robot programming. I am making a welding program similar to the one in the picture on my Fanuc robot. In this way, my program has been working for years, and many of my resource programs are working smoothly.(Program mm or CNT values or program steps were shortened.) Now I want to do the same work with my Abb robot. Cont:IRC5 Robot:IRB2600. How can I write a similar program at Abb, I am waiting for help from my masters.

    The "SRVO–136 DCLVAL" alarm may not usually be written in this way, it should be written together with an alarm such as "SVAL1-IPMAL-DCLVAL-FSVAL". Along with it, it must be giving another "SRVO" malfunction. As an electronist, I can say that this is the type of malfunction that I am most annoyed with in a robot. It's very true that you look at your book and try to make the fault, but I choose to proceed by looking at what the LED indicator of the driver's card says first in all of these faults. I have never found that the transformer or DC voltage is problematic, or that the E-STOP card is the cause of this malfunction. Whenever I see a "DCLVAL" malfunction, the first thing I do first is to change the driver's card, otherwise you do it according to the order it says in your book, but you can't find any kind of malfunction, which makes me very tired. Because even if you do voltage monitoring with a multimeter, the driver's card is definitely tricking me.


    Yes, I'm talking about four large batteries on the robot. The battery case had oxidized due to liquid contact last month, and we had opened and cleaned it, and I had thoroughly cleaned the metal bearings where the batteries had settled. In fact, I couldn't repair some metal parts and found other solutions that would do the same job instead. After this procedure, the robot has already started to forget the calibration values every week. As you wrote, let me review and check the repairs I made again, you're right, I may not have been able to make a successful repair.

    Hello everyone, we have an "RJ2 420IW" robot. I just installed and calibrated the robot calibration batteries. But within a week, the batteries run out again. I don't know what path I'm supposed to follow. I don't know if there is a problem with the cable between the control cabinet and the robot, or if the battery on the main processor board is problematic. Dec. Where exactly am I supposed to be looking? I am waiting for the help of my masters.

    I am reading all the written answers one by one and I am really reading a lot of useful information. I have no choice but to extend the mode selector switch on the cabinet to the operator. Thank you very much to everyone thanks to you I have read many useful shares.

    Since the robot's cabin is away from the user operator, the operator can move from the control at any time, even if the cabin is in the auto position. I want this.

    Sergei Troizky,

    Yes, you're right, I may not be able to express exactly what I want. When the key on the cab of the robot is in the Auto position, the Pendant does not move to the robot. If the key on the robot's cabinet is T1/T2, then the Pendant allows the robot to move. "Jog in Auto Mode"



    The value you wrote down looked like "0", I made it "1", but again the situation has not changed the robot does not move from the controller in the Auto position.

    If the Auto Mode switch on the cabinet is selected, I cannot move manually through the robot control. I want to do this. No matter where the switch on the cabinet is located, I can make a manual movement via the robot control.

    I'm probably asking a very simple question, but I don't understand why I can't solve the problem. Robot: M710IC Cabin: R30IB. If the switch on the robot cabinet is in the auto position, I cannot move the robot even if the control is on. If I take the key on the cabin T1/T2 to one of the two, I can only move. With which variable can I also give movement to the robot in the Auto position.

    My idea, This problem does not necessarily mean that the engine or pulse coder is faulty. There may also be a problem with the CRM1 or engine cables. Or there may be a problem with the EM Card. There are problems with the cable itself, and the robot only has problems when it comes to certain angles. Over time, when he makes more movements, he begins to make this mistake more often.