System jobs

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  • You will have to contact Motoman about system jobs. They are a purchased option and need a key file to make work. The key file is unique to that one robot MAC address and is not transferable. If your pendant dies or the main processor needs to be replaced you need a new key.


  • Hi Robodoc,
    a couple of questions for you(and for everybody in the forum):
    1) we've purchased the system job option in our dx200 controller and I found it in the list when I want to create a new job. So I imagine that in motoman they have already putted the key file or I'm wrong?
    2)I've red that the system job works like an infinite loop: it runs continuously or I must create this loop like this example code:

    'do something

    Thanks in advance

  • 1) Yes, if you have system jobs in your job list you have the purchased option of system jobs and it is activated and working.
    2) Not sure if you need the jump and label in a system job to make them loop (haven't worked with any yet). Call Yaskawa and ask them.


  • Hi ;

    Yes even in system job, if you want to put this job to outo cycle, you must need to have *label and jump *label but of couse there are some tricks to use this, like seting parameters etc.
    For example if you use *label in system job you must use "DELAY" other wise your cpu could over load.
    Genearlly in system jobs I use for like first condition of system like reseting IO or counter, or if you want to make some calculation or you could write some IO condition and use it like simple PLC etc.
    Ofcourse you could use it for many things.

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  • Yes, you need to create loop. You must insert inside the loop a DELAY 50
    If you stop System Job, for example with an user alarm, to restart it you have to restart controller. It mean that you shouldn't stop the system job.

  • Anybody knows why i cannot use expression function in SET command in system job (controller DX200)?
    I can put this command only in MotoSimEG-VRC in JobPad app, and then write to robot memory

    //NAME MAIN&
    ///NPOS 0,0,0,0,0,0
    ///DATE 2019/03/01 10:10
    ///ATTR SC,RW,SY
    ///GROUP1 RB1
    DIN B001 IG#(26)
    SET I017 EXPRESS B001 / 2.55
    SET I000 EXPRESS I017 * 90
    SET I001 EXPRESS I017 * 120
    SET I002 EXPRESS I017 * 20
    SET B002 B001
    DOUT OG#(26) B002

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