Problems after control start

  • I did a control start on a R30iA Mate controller today to change a parameter.
    Now I cant get back to ordinary operation. I tried to repower the controller, but I do only get to control start mode again. Any idea how I solve this? I do also get a error message saying HOST-178 Router Adress Not Defined.

    Does anyone have any idea about how to solve this problem? Thanks...

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  • What do you mean with "repower". If you turn the main switch on and off the robot will start up in controlled start again.
    If you cycle power with function -> Start (cold) the controller should start up normal (cold start)

  • Exactly, I turned of power an turned it on again.

    So cold start is the "normal" start for a Fanuc robot? But where do I chose to do a cold start? At power up, that is not in the list if I press prev and next.

  • Normally you always start cold when you turn the main power on. But because you started up in controlled start you are in the controlled start loop. So when you are in controlled start (same where you changed your variable) you have to get out of the controlled start loop by going to function and choose Start (cold). Do not turn of the main power switch.
    The controller will now start cold.
    If you turn off the controller once it has completely started (cold) and you turn the controller back on it will do a cold start as normal.
    I hope it's understandable, my english is not that good :icon_smile:

  • I found start->cold under the function button. Now it works. Thank you!

    (Cold start sounded a bit scary to me as I am used to ABB where cold start is a total reset of the system where all software is deleted and need to be reinstalled).

  • Hot start restores I/O, programs, and the teach pendant display if power is lost. In theory, if you have a power failure, you should be able to hit the start button and resume from where the power was lost, as opposed to a cold start, which resets the teach pendant displays to the utilities/hints page and aborts the robot.

  • Hot start is one of 2 normal Production starts. If Menu - System - Config, Use Hot Start is set to TRUE, then the robot can resume its task when power comes back on. The robot will “remember” what was happening 8 milliseconds before the power was lost. If the physical robot body’s position is within its “resume tolerance,” which is likely, the robot will move slowly to re-acquire its interpolated program path, and then speed up to the override speed set in Menu - Setup - Cell, resume speed.

    Cold start is the other of the 2 normal Production starts.

    If Menu - System - Config, Use Hot Start is set to FALSE, then the robot will power up on a Cold start when power returns. Think of a Cold start as a Hot start with a FCTN - Abort thrown in there. The robot will have forgotten its program stack upon power up, and so the task it was doing when power was lost cannot be easily resumed (unless you understand very well how to rebuild the program stack.)

    A Cold start is also the only way to exit a Controlled Start, and must be done, in that case, using the FCTN key (or wrench key), Fctn - Start (COLD)

    Controlled Starts and Boot Monitor (BMON) starts are ways to... shall we say... fool around with the robot’s memory ( change memory settings or add software or prepare the robot’s memory to restore a backup.)

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