How to generate robot errors using AS language

  • I would like to generate a robot error or alarm using AS language. For example, I want to generate an alarm when the motor current or torque of axis 1 is outside a certain range, but I don't know how to program it. The after-sales service manual is too limited. Is there a way to read the robot's current motor current value and generate an alarm using that data?

    How to display W error code without the robot stopping

    I'm looking at the formula string of the PC software that checks the robot's current status, but I can't figure out how to create the formula or what data to load.

    Also, I don't understand how to read the motor current values of the robot's 1-6 axes from the PC;;;;

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  • Hello!

    1. AFAIK, you can not generate errors and warnings by yourself (In some robots, there are some dedicated signals for custom errors, but it's not warnings). All you can do is show them as text in terminal or interface panel.

    Btw, to get the motor current, you can use IQARM(axis number) command.

    2. Which manuals do you have? Do you have an AS Language Reference Manual?

  • I am using the manual with this number.. 90209-1022DE

    But thinking about your answer, I could have looked at the AS command manual separately in KIDE...

  • Use "PRINT" function for customized message.
    If you wanna get Robot "Error Logs" and Display, Use next Function


    It will be showing Error log's 2nd event.

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  • If you use "Cartesian (XYZOAT)" value, Remove # parameter.

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  • In the end, the only way is to display a message using the print function or to display it by setting an external output... I think it would have been nice if there had been a function to display a warning on the robot itself.

    anyway thanks all~

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