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    So, the newest version of the pendant (much flatter, almost like a tablet with buttons attached) appears to be much snappier, based on my brief tryout of it. So they have made progress on that front.

    I am using the RW6.** series, and it seems like the performance is the same regardless of whether I use colorful icons or the current Solid color icons.
    I guess the "OmniCore RW7.**" series is based on a new tablet. I would like to try it out if I get the chance!

    Teaching-Pendant's response speed need to be faster.

    It's frustrating because it's slow switch pages.

    More font option to Robotstudio apps.

    as like an Hermit, Jetbrains, Lucida sans, IBM Plex..

    If you use "Cartesian (XYZOAT)" value, Remove # parameter.

    Use "PRINT" function for customized message.
    If you wanna get Robot "Error Logs" and Display, Use next Function


    It will be showing Error log's 2nd event.


    Robotware 6.** base.

    840-3 PROFINET Anybus Device Option

    DSQC-688 ProfiNet card installed at DSQC-1000


    Configuration - I/O System

    1. PROFINET Internal Anybus Device

    - Name : PN_Internal_Anybus

    - Connected to Industrial Network : PROFINET_Anybus

    - Vendor Name : ABB Robotics

    - Product Name : PROFINET Internal Anybus Device

    - Identificiation Label : (blank)

    - Input Size (Bytes) : 64 (in 512 Bits)

    - Output Size (Bytes) : 64 (Out 512 Bits)

    2. Industrial Network

    - Name : PROFINET_Anybus

    - Identification Label : PROFINET Anybus Network

    - Address : Ask to PLC

    - Subnet Mask : Ask to PLC
    - Gateway : Ask to PLC

    - Simulated : No

    End of Robot EIO configuration.

    ※ Recommended Device Name Defaults.


    1. Upload GSDML xml file.

    - 3HAC031670-001(DSQC_688) is GSDML-V2.0-PNET-FA-20100510.xml

    Controller : D22G-A001, D22F-D001
    Manipulator : FS030 * 2ea

    I'm try to battery replacement.

    Refer to "90206-1034DEG" Manual's "4.8 Replacement procedure for batteries" chapter..

    described 1KA board at controller.

    1HG or 1FG board is Manipulator. Already fund part number "50750-1018" Lithium 3.6V battery.

    I have a question about the battery for the 1KA board.

    Does anyone know which type it requires? I think it might be a CR2032, but I haven't had a chance to open the controller."


    1. Group Input (GInput function)

    2. Define signal bit for Negative

    Data comm

    1. RS232C

    2. PC Interface (option)

    Mix program

    1. Received value type set to num

    2. Use trans.x or y or z by received value to robtarget or

    3. Use Offs or Reltool function

    There are two ways to backup.

    1. Manual Copy & Paste

    Service(F1) - 5.File Manager
    M/B(Mainboard) is actual running program.

    Select right window.

    (Check activated window's yellow frame)

    Press SelectAll(F1) then Copy(F2)

    Select Device tree's T/P and press enter button. directory will be expansion.

    Press NewFolder(F6) and Enter

    Select right window.

    Press Paste(F3)

    2. Auto backup

    System(F2) - 2.Control parameter - 11. Automatic backup and restoration

    you can customize backup date, time, interval.

    Space function's key point is "Interference".

    Robot said "priority" is near "who inside or outside?"

    but, PLC's priority concept's little bit different.

    You first, you next.

    You will have to figure that out. I suggest writing some logic in the PLC to play traffic cop.

    The spaces won't be linked. You have to make sure they are correct and the same in each robot independently.

    I'm recommend too "Traffic cop" by PLC

    or, you can control by basic I/O signal.

    R1 given grant signal to R2.

    1. Communication Control

    Rob01 and Rob02 combine slave as Master PLC

    When PLC maker "Melsec (Mitsubishi)", robot must contain rack92 comm card (CC_Link)
    and, request PLC engineer to "When robot01's Do01 On, Given to Robot02's Di01"

    ※ You must specify details of the robot controller according to the communication scheme you configure for automation.

    2. Direct Control (Hard Waring)
    I'm not sure "General I/O Board (in16 / out16)" 's Rack number.

    maybe... Rack 0 ?
    next, wiring each robot controller's I/O board
    next configure Do & Di range (Rack, slot, start Pt etc...)

    my experience (Client needs more save cycle time) ,

    keep instructions format and add some trick

    next approch more close to recorded position by Reltool (or Offset)

    IF Di20_Height_Reset = 1 THEN

    pTemp2 := pSearch_Start;


    MoveL Offs(pTemp2, 0, 0, 50), vMax, z10, tGrip;

    SearchL\Stop, Di01_PartSensor, pDetect, Offs(pRef_Position), v100, fine, tGrip;


    MoveL Offs(pTemp2, 0, 0, 50), v50, z10, tGrip;

    IF Di05_Vac_Pressure = 1 THEN

    Decr nLayer_Quaintity;


    IF nLayer_Quantity > 0 THEN

    pTemp2 := pDetect;

    ElseIF nLayer_Quantity < 1 THEN

    pTemp2 := pSearch_Start;


    MoveL pSearch_Start, v1500, z200, tGrip;

    when create "Virtual Controller" by "Installation Manager" (Create from Backup files),

    that VC working fine?

    If that created VC working, robotstudio's intergrity ok

    > Project file problem

    If created VC not working or similar error message appear again

    > robotstudio broken. Recommend clean install robotstudio apps.

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