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    I have a code example for sending 32-bits numbers, but you should know that it will be correct only for the first 7 digits. (According to the manual)


    I have a problem with Kawasaki BA006L robot with external axes.

    Robot has 1 Kawasaki External axis (linear track motion with linear cooperation) and two separate control groups: one uniaxial positioner with positioner cooperation and one two-axial positioner, also with positioner cooperation.

    When I work in base coordinates everything is fine, but when I switch to joint coordinates and start moving of ANY axis (including robot axes), the robot encounters a "W1000 Cannot move along straight line JTX in this configuration" warning, where JTX is the number of axis, I tried to move. But then I reset an error and try again, robot starts motion without fail.

    I can provide backup, if needed.

    Thank you in advance!

    I refer all the way back to my post #4 back in September last year:

    I know this problem and user. It is hard to get spare parts in Russia for now :(


    I have a question about MR-MC210 board. I have a Mitsubishi servo amplifier and I need to connect it with Kawasaki E-Controller. I have a 1YQ board and I need only MR-MC210 board. Kawasaki does not provide support in my country and I found a distributor who can sell me MR-MC210 board. But! I noticed that in my previous projects I used MR-MC210-S02 board, but distributor offers me a MR-MC210 board (without the S02 postfix). So the question is what is the difference between MR-MC210 and MR-MC210-S02 boards and can I use it without the postfix?

    Best regards, Dmitrii

    Thank you for asking a Kawasaki for me!

    I'm very appreciate your efforts

    I am pretty sure the ZSEND and ZRECIEVE commands are ignoring the Kawasaki protocols regarding handshaking and are not looking for any kind transmission response, except for an electrical connection.

    Speculation on my part, but I think they are used when Kawasaki protocol is incompatible with the recipient protocol and allows for the Kawasaki to be utilized to make a bespoke driver operation to other peripherals.

    Therefore VCHRRCV and VCHRSND may just be used in conjunction with ZSEND/ZRECEIVE to allow a raw handshake possible.

    Hello again :)

    I finally found a ZSEND and ZRECEIVE commands in Communication Option manual for F60 and F0X controllers and it looks like the same as SEND and RECEIVE.


    I have a question about the implementation of the separate control function with Mitsubishi axes.

    There are contradictions between Kawasaki Separate Control Manual and Mitsubishi MR-J4 manual.

    In Kawasaki manual it is told that I need to add a magnetic contactor between motor and amplifier (fig. 1), but Mitsibishi manual strictly forbids installing a contactor between the motor and the amplifier (fig. 2)

    So, my question is how to make a correct wiring? Should I follow the Kawasaki manual or Mitsubishi manual?

    Thank you in advance!

    Are you pleased with your overall results using the Kawasaki RS007L for 3D printing? I am looking into the RS010L and the RS013 as potential solutions. The extruder I want to use is 7.5 KG. Did you do anything special to account for sag to increase accuracy? I know that this is going to be a difficult project because robots are entirely new to me, but I think I am up for the task if I can gain enough information. Thanks!

    For my purposes accuracy of robot was enough. To increase it, you should set the tool coordinates and inertia parameters very precise. And, of course, you need to make some robot speed fine tuning.

    Wow, this is pretty amazing! Thank you for sharing and I completely understand about not being able to share everything. It looks like you have already achieved non-planar printing which is the whole reason I am trying to use a robot arm instead of a traditional gantry style printer! I am in the prosthetics industry and want to get to non planar printing to produce stronger end-use parts for patients. I need to do some more research on PLC controllers. It seems that the turn-key solutions are using them as the controllers for the system just as you are doing. If I can start by being able to control the extrusion rate through the robot controller itself I think I may have to do that initially. I can control the temperature through simple PID controllers to start if needed, though that would not be my preferred end solution. I learn something new about this every day from here and I appreciate all the tidbits of information!

    If you don't want to use external PLC, you can use robot for controlling the printing head and feeders. You can consider using the Kawasaki External Motor option for controlling the feeders and generate code already with the feeders value. Robot with some options has enough possibilities for that task. I used PLC because I had it at the time of developing :) And about non-planar printing. I tried to print only mathematically described objects (I didn't use any CAM system) and it works fine.

    P.S. Wow, prosthetics industry is very perspective and useful! Wish you a great luck in your researches!