Update tcp pos from HMI

  • Hi!

    I am really new to rapid programming so this might something really easy for you guys to answer.

    We have a customer who wants to jog the robot to a known position then fine tune the position from the pendant. But the do not want to update the position using “Update position” button I the pendant, but instead do this from their hmi(due to audit trail). I need help to creat a program for this, preferably saving the current position with CRobT function then writing this to the defined robtarget.

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  • Field-Bus

    1. Group Input (GInput function)

    2. Define signal bit for Negative

    Data comm

    1. RS232C

    2. PC Interface (option)

    Mix program

    1. Received value type set to num

    2. Use trans.x or y or z by received value to robtarget or

    3. Use Offs or Reltool function

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  • does it need to be done on the HMI or is it enought to to get a signal to the PLC so it can handle the paper trail?

    cause i would probably change up my proc I use for the workobject teaching with adding a PulseDO to trigger the PLC, when you jog with the FP.

    i use it without the pulse to get pos 0, X and Y for the workobject and it works fine

  • Thanks guys I think your answers willl be helpful! We already have instructions In the plc to control the robot so that part I know how to fix. But now I think I can make a program to save and update the position.

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