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    is it possible from flexpendant or just by robot studio using Rapid code?

    I don´t actually know for sure since i pretty much only use the FP for manually moving the robot,

    but if I remember right you can have free text input on the FP

    and there is always the option to quickly copy the module onto an usb stick and edit the file on any
    texteditor such as Notepad++ or even the build in notepad in Windows

    after that just overwrite the module in the controller and update the the running version

    please take a look into the Technical reference manual for RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data


    there look up the data type speeddata

    it will look something like:

    PERS speeddata vSpeedSet := [1000, 500, 5000, 1000];
    vSpeedSet.v_tcp := nExternalVariable;
    MoveL *, VSpeedSet, z50, tool0;

    does it need to be done on the HMI or is it enought to to get a signal to the PLC so it can handle the paper trail?

    cause i would probably change up my proc I use for the workobject teaching with adding a PulseDO to trigger the PLC, when you jog with the FP.

    i use it without the pulse to get pos 0, X and Y for the workobject and it works fine

    please read the basic rapid manuals, they also include example code and you can easily find them on the internet and i think even on without an account

    • Technical reference manual - RAPID Overview
    • Technical reference manual - RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data types

    after you understand the basics you can take a look at github for modules with working code:

    btw is this new thread for the same ChatGPT code you already posted, just with some added error messages?

    byrol search for the documents "Technical reference manual - RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data types" and "Technical reference manual - RAPID overview"

    there you will need to look up:

    - instruction for Offsets - Offs and RelTool

    - data type for WorkObject - wobjdata

    - function for program displacement - PDispSet (and the On and Off variants)

    the way to handle the instructions and functions is explained pretty good, the data type not so much, but when you define a wobj in robotstudio the structure will be shown and it should become pretty clear and
    the first few pages of the Rapid overview should explain the rest of the concept

    you try to make a LIN move to a point, but don´t set BASE, TOOL, velocity....

    open up the FOLD of the InLineForm you used for P1 and look what all will be set before LIN xP1

    and recreate the settings you need

    I have run into the same porblem several times (with local and normal procedures)

    it happend so many times for me that i started to just comment out the procedure calls even when I am just copying parts of a path

    it´s annoying but i got used to it and it´s at least not a massiv pain to circumvent

    Because there are lots of points and I want to get it done automatically plus without changing the tool data.

    on the graphical side of Robotstudio select all the needed positions and then open rotate from the right-click

    keep reference on local and rotate around z, now each point will rotate in it´s place set amount around z axes

    with good nameing or all positions singled out in a few paths i can rotate 100s of positions in a couple of seconds and with rotateing the positions you don´t have to touch you tool

    it´s just not automatically, but few seconds manual work should be Ok

    you said project so what data did you open and was the project already on the other persons RS?

    so did you use a .rssln or .rsstn or .rspag file?

    I am asking cause I have similar problems with useing different windows users on the same machine.
    One user can work without problems, while the other one needs to use a pack'n'go every time the first user did any changes.

    So just copying solutions or stations doesn´t work for me, even when i am not even copying but a p'n'g always works ;)

    its pretty much the same, you just need to declare the new robtargets as VAR or PERS

    cause a CONST is ... constant 8)

    I like to use PERSistant but it needs to be initialised, with a VARiable its not needed

    about the robot choice

    the priceing for Fanuc is pretty much all the time the cheapest, as long as you exclude options

    it feels like a Fanuc can only move from A to B without any paid options and the option feel expansive

    another point I experience here is that the hardware isn´t that reliable, we have at least every quarter Fanuc service here replacing motors up to half an arm on our paint robots, the ABB and Kuka we have run in worser environments without much more then the regular service

    (the software side at least seems to be reliable, but feels like its straight out of 1980s )

    a big point i would consider is the possiblities on offline programming (i hate to shut down production cause I need to set up a new product)

    for instance on ABB you can open and edit the program files in any texteditor or use ABB Robotstudio to set up your path in 3d and fill in the logic in the included editor and test it with the controller running on your PC (and many more applications for ~1.500€ per year license)

    Fanuc Roboguide and Kuka OfficeLite + Kuka.Sim would be somewhat comparable, don´t know if Cloose offers something in that regard

    before i would fiddle with the connections i would at first just reset the FP (hole in the middle of the backside of the FP) and if that doesn´t help reload the FP image

    thats what helped me most of the time

    to reload the image press and hold the stop button+1st programmable button on power up

    without downloading the zip, one question

    have you set up the right configurations for the points?

    (right click the point in the path and points list -> configuration)

    with that i could fix similar problems in the past

    the inline forms are setting their speed and acceleration themself
    so settings by prior expert code will just be overwritten

    so change the acceleration on the ILF itself (PDAT)

    with a bit of luck you go to "Select System" and select the shown system corresponding to what was the last time running (name would be the same as in a backup) and then use "Restart Controller"

    with bad luck you bricked the system and have to set up a now one from a backup and install it

    and with even more bad luck you mayby need a new cf card as well