DCS setup

  • Hi all,

    I am just setting up a robot in roboguide and this robot has DCS, this is the first time I have worked with DCS and so I've been watching some youtube videos on how to set it up, I've set up my tool and I started setting up DCS zones. Now the space the robot is operating in isn't just a square box it's in a cell so the space it occupies is a bit more complex and so I set up 4 zones, but it seems that if my zones touch each other then it says they are 'unsafe'. I would've thought they would have to overlap or the robot would go into fault when it went from one zone to another.

    EDIT: An additional question, if an 'obstacle' is in the DCS zone does that make it unsafe?

    EDIT2: I think I answered the first question, I think i know the problem, because the robot isn't satisfying the dcs zones at all times they are technically unsafe, i think i need to change the dcs zones to the out zones for where I don't want the robot to go

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