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    I'm just starting to run a robot in automatic mode for a machine, I use RSR for turning my program on and I am receiving the RSR1 UI from the PLC and my robot is jumping into the program but it's not sending UO11 the ACK1 signal to the PLC. This has always worked in the past, does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

    I am currently setting up a fanuc robot and for some reason all my IO is displaying as offline and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem. I've never had these problems in the past with any other robots but for this one I've had communication problems with the PLC and then the IO is appearing as offline. ( I also can't insert an image for some reason)

    Hi all,

    I am just setting up a robot in roboguide and this robot has DCS, this is the first time I have worked with DCS and so I've been watching some youtube videos on how to set it up, I've set up my tool and I started setting up DCS zones. Now the space the robot is operating in isn't just a square box it's in a cell so the space it occupies is a bit more complex and so I set up 4 zones, but it seems that if my zones touch each other then it says they are 'unsafe'. I would've thought they would have to overlap or the robot would go into fault when it went from one zone to another.

    EDIT: An additional question, if an 'obstacle' is in the DCS zone does that make it unsafe?

    EDIT2: I think I answered the first question, I think i know the problem, because the robot isn't satisfying the dcs zones at all times they are technically unsafe, i think i need to change the dcs zones to the out zones for where I don't want the robot to go

    DCS is a paid option. You would specifically need DCS Cartesian position check.

    It is safety rated and runs continuously on a separate processor. It monitors all robot movement, either manual jogging, or automatic motion.

    Okay I thought so, is there any other ways of doing what I described without these paid options these aren't our robots we are providing a machine for a customer and the customers generally aren't interested in DCS so any workarounds with what we currently have?

    You need to use LPOS in a specific UF and UT in order for your recovery to be deterministic. Another option is DCS zones which can be sent to your PLC via DOs.

    For the LPOS method we always use the the same tool and frame for our recovery programs. I've never used DCS zones before but I'm familiar with how they work, will they work whilst also moving the robot with the pendant? Also is DCS an additional option, we're currently using M10iD16s robots

    Hi all,

    I'm fairly new to robot programming and currently I'm trying to track the position of my robot to assist recovery, at the moment we have a program that uses the LPOS to determine which zone of the machine it's in but I started testing out different methods of doing this and wrote a few BG logic programs that write the X Y and X positions to registers and then another program that works out which zone it's in based on the register value and turns on a DO to match the zone (mainly wanted to do it this way so the PLC could also be aware of the robot position in case of future developments), only problem I can see is that the position in the register doesn't update when the robot is moved with the pendant therefore the robot could think it was in another zone when it's not so when I recover via the HMI the wrong program could be called. If anyone could assist with ways to improve the program I currently have or another method of doing this. (I'll attach screenshots showing the program I've mentioned)

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