Opening program in YASKAWA MotoSimEG-VRC

  • Hello,

    i was wondering, if anyone has maybe opened program from real dx100 controller in YASKAWA MotoSim EG-VRC, just to see what job did they use or parameters or I/O data, etc.

    Im trying to open it MotoSim but it is just throwing errors. I would really appreciate the help.

    Kind regards.

  • Plenty of times. DX100 has been out for 15 years.

    What version of EG-VRC are you using and what are the errors it is giving you?

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  • Im using MotoSim EG-VRC 2022SP1. Like when i try to load the project from ext. memory it just sometimes freezes. Im just new to this programming with YASKAWA and i just wanted to try if i can read the file in motosim. Like im just interested what procedure i need to enter to get to the program in motosim.

    Kind regards. :)

    • Helpful

    Do you have CMOS.bin from real robot?

    If yes, create a new project, go to controller tab in the Motosim, press new and load you CMOS.bin from it.

    If you have only job files (* .JBI files), open a new controller, select you controller type (DX100), select your manipulator and when you see the robot in the window, open pendant in the controller tab, put you files in the folder up side of pendant (press on the folder shape to open it), go to ex. Memory, load and select jobs and load on the motosim.

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