• I have a KR210-2 series 2000 robot. I need to lift the robot 70 cm. I was thinking about making a pedestal out of 30 mm sheets of steel. I am using the robot for milling in stone so I would like to not lose rigidity by mounting on the pedestal. Also it's possible that I can fill the pedestal with concrete if necessary. If you have some insight on what would work best please share.

  • You should delegate this to a mechanical engineer who can compute the forces and moments the piedestal should resist in all dimensions, calculate the needed rigidity and design the pedestal with those constraints. He will also select the appropriate bolts and anchors (or the amount of concrete) to withstand the load. Then, he will make the 2D drawings and send it for assembly/manufacturing. The requiered data to start with should be in the robot's mechanical manual.

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