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    I have a KR210-2 series 2000 robot. I need to lift the robot 70 cm. I was thinking about making a pedestal out of 30 mm sheets of steel. I am using the robot for milling in stone so I would like to not lose rigidity by mounting on the pedestal. Also it's possible that I can fill the pedestal with concrete if necessary. If you have some insight on what would work best please share.

    kr210-2/krc2/KSS 5.x.x


    Due to lack of an EMT device I would like to master my robot with a dial gauge. I see that dial gauges from KUKA are 0.01mm accuracy.

    1. Can I get similarly accurate results with an adapted 0.001 mm dial gauge?

    2. Is there something else going on in the backrgound when mastering with an EMT, like compensating for movement of robot from transmitting the signal, to receiving and stopping of the motor?

    3. Can I save the current mastering and load it, in case I get worse results with the new mastering?

    Thank you Hermann.

    I am currently installing winpe. I've got the SSD to work after a cluster clone of the defective HDD and extracting the on it. I've also changed the MBR to work with WinXP machines in the software AOMEI. I hope this helps someone. Also it is of importance to jumper the ssd or hdd to master.

    It seems the second HDD got some bad sectors and broke down.

    Next would be to find the bugs that fry the HDD s and get rid of them. I suspect its the voltage/current fluctuations somehow get to the HDDs.

    Could it be that I have a DevNet module connected to the MFC and the Devnet module gets the power from a 24 DC supply connected to one of the 220 V lines coming from the mains filter?

    Or maybe its just pure coincidence that the old HDDs are giving up and one of the USBs got fried. Bare in mind that when the HDDs got fried the system rebooted into the USB windows setup and stayed in it for a day.

    How old where the hard drives ? maybe buy a new hard drive and install in on that then take an image so you can recover quickly . I assume its a non ed05 that you have upgraded

    Old. Both of them. I have bought a 30 GbTranscend PATA SSD. It is an ed05.

    I am trying to install Windows but I ran into several problems. Everytime, no matter what HDD, it fails when factory -winpe starts and it gets to "Formatting and partitioning drives" . I have tried to manually extract .cab and run it that way, but it says "Operating system not found". I have extracted the .cab file to the previous wiped HDD and Windows installation loading screen appears, but gets stuck after a while and I am forced to shut down. I guess the wiped HDD still had a matching MBR but has other problems. Could be something totally different. I have also tried swapping RAM, but it seems the RAM modules are fine.

    I will be trying sector cloning.

    Please share if you have any ideas.

    Thanks The LEG(nice arm you got there;), DannyDJ and last but not the least, thanks MOM! :smiling_face:

    I need support.

    Setup: (v)KRC2 converted to KRC2 . KSS 5.2.x . Two extra 512 MB RAM installed ( if I remember correctly, then its different type than the original).

    Situation: I installed the robot/krc2 a few months ago in an industrial setting. It is used for milling. There are 80+kW motors for other machines on the same main line. There are voltage drops when they start. I have installed a Kemet filter before the VFD of the spindle, but I understood that the KRC2 has built in filters, so I haven't installed one up to it. Three weeks ago I had a HDD fail. The HDD got completely destroyed, I couldn't recover the data. I had backup and installed a second hand old HDD. It worked fine until this also broke. When I checked on the KCP there was an install image. I have kept the KSS installer USB plugged in and it seems it restarted into that when the HDD failed. I took out the USB and restarted the KRC. It said NTLDR is missing. Checked the USB in my laptop and it didn't show up on the drives list. I can't read data from it but I can see it in device manager. Also the two times that this happened I had really large .SRC loaded into memory. First HDD failed during runtime of the program and the second failed after finishing the program but not canceling it and staying that way for a few days. I have made the pagefile registry tweak so I can load larger files into memory. Visually the motherboard and KRC2 internals look good. No dust, dirt, I can't see swollen/damaged capacitors. It looks OK.

    I am on the way to setting up a new HDD. I would like to keep this one healthy.

    How could I make this system more robust?

    What are the steps I should take from a preventive maintenance standpoint?

    What would be the most likely culprit that I can start to troubleshoot?

    I am grateful for any help that you can offer.

    Thank you. I've got 1.7mm at best, with a precision machined tipped rod mounted in a small spindle. Now I've switched to a larger spindle with an aprox. 500mm tip distance from the flange. This way I can't get below 6mm error. I once got, but with little orentation change between xyz4 point measurements. The robot is a kr125/2. The weight of the spindle is around 40 kg. First I will try to get better results by making a more careful remastering, as you've mentioned. How much does belt tensioning influence accuracy? Does incorrect tensioning introduce more backlash?

    Hello. With dial mastering of an older krc1 equivalent robot, at what position of the dial should the axis be mastered? exactly at the turning point, or just as it begins to reverse direction? If the mastering should be done after, then how many fractions of a mm should it be? This is an old robot and with a short probe I get min 1.7 mm of a tool calibration error.

    I've solved the error messages, but now when I try to start the program it gives me this: HPU Active status required. How can I sole this? Also switching to AUT still gives me EXT shown in the status bar on the bottom. If it helps the message ACTIVE status required appears twice every time I press the advance button.

    I've cut the E2/E7 jumpers and it still doesn't work. The message is : HCU Active status required. Also I have a Check safety logic. Emergency brakes during timeout occured, that I can't aknowledge. Does anyone know what can cause this?

    I have checked again, and they are the same. My mistake. Only checked by A,B,C... index on diagram and they were representing different lengths on the robot.
    Please send me the stp files to makkaibalazsdq gmail

    Today we've tried out a .src that was generated with the help of KUKA|prc /grasshopper/rhino, all trial versions. It run without problems in T1 manual mode, but couldn't get it to work in auto mode, because VKRC's have auto external mode only. After a little search on the forums on how to get a VKRC to run in auto mode I've found this, by tommylight, to be the most promising:…r-tips/msg77057/#msg77057

    This will be the next step we'll take.

    The error we get when switching to ext aut is: mode inadmissible E2

    Edit: another project would be to connect the controller to a PC and use CWRITE/CREAD to control the robot. I have an MFC card and an INTERBUS card. Which one would be better to use? Does CWRITE/CREAD setup differ in VSS from KSS?

    Thanks massula

    The reasons I want to convert it are, for one, I would like to have the additional modes besides T1 and AUT EXT, and I would like to have the extended support that gets a krc1 controller from the community. It seems to me that there is more knowledge on krc1 s. Also I would like to get to a point where I can run the robot from an external PC in near realtime.
    As for the sofware I have a V 3.3.5

    Kuka doesn't support this old model. I have already checked their download section, and archive and didn't find anything.

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