Industrial Grinder Base as Robot Pedestal?

  • Hello,

    Has anyone used a heavy duty grinder base as a robot pedestal? They seem rigid enough and very similar in design to robot pedestals.

    I need a pedestal ASAP for a 7kg payload robot used for a spray application.

    Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Such as the Baldor GA20:


  • The robot manufacturer generally provides required minimum specs for the mounting of every robot model. I would get the specs from them. But getting the material specs for the grinder stand may be harder.

    The key item isn't just the weight and payload, but speed. Robots generate lots of inertial loads, and a tall stand needs extra rigidity to avoid vibrating. And the floor footprint is also an issue -- a narrow base, and/or one with insufficient anchors into the concrete, can work loose over time as the robot runs.

    That grinder stand is probably built for a heavy vertical load, but only for human-grade lateral forces, and not the high dynamic jerks of a fast-moving robot. It might work, but I'd be worried about the floor anchors, and how much the stand might vibrate.

    If you limit your robot to low speed, it might be fine. But it's hard to say. The robot manufacturer specs for mounting requirements should at least help you narrow things down.

  • Thanks for the tips! It's roughly the same dimensions as some of the pedestals Fanuc offers. Main difference is that the grinder base is 3 fastened sections of cast iron, not a single welded steel piece. Better safe then sorry though, unless I can find an example of one being used long term, it's time to pay the rush job fab shop fee.

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