Kuka krc2 system ıstallation

  • Restore from an old back-up. If you don't have that you can reinstall Windows and kss if you have the software CD's (or if they are on the back-up drive.)

    If you dont have any of that. then your only option is to ask kuka. you can not ask for software here.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • KRC2 has two operating systems -- Win95, which loads first, and KSS (KUKA System Software) which is started by Windows.

    It's possible that Windows is starting properly, but KSS is not. You can check this by connecting a keyboard, and start holding down the Shift key as soon as the Windows logo appears. Keep holding the Shift key until the Windows desktop is fully loaded. If Windows seems to work properly, then the issue is probably limited to KSS. If Windows doesn't work, then you'll need to get a full set of factory re-install media from KUKA. Windows can only be installed from the licensed CD.

    NOTE: before doing any of the following, I STRONGLY recommend making a full image of the hard drive (using Ghost, Acronis, CloneZilla, or something similar).

    A copy of the KSS installer should be on the D: drive of the robot. From Windows, it should be possible to execute this installer and re-install KSS. This may not work if you have a "special" KRC2, like the ones made for VolksWagen.

    NOTE: This will probably destroy all robot programs and settings you had previously, so I hope you have a recent Archive backup you can restore. If not, try to copy your programs and settings from the C:\KRC\R1 directory using WIndows, to a USB drive.

    NOTE: after getting the robot into an operational state, make a hard drive image backup. This, plus regular Archive backups, are the best way to protect yourself against failures like this, or the hard drive eventually dying.

  • Could also be a problem with the graphics card.

    When the graphics card is setup to show the contents on the hpu and additional monitor after windows start the monitor will be activated (if set that way) .

    If settings are changed to a better image on the monitor (resolution, Frequency) then the hpu cannot display anymore and is switching off.

  • While the robot is booting, the loading screen comes up but after booting, nothing appeared on the screen.The system's communications were working.So we checked the graphics card.We removed the graphic card and put it in the side slot and it worked.

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