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  • Well I found many of them but didn't get them to work properly. The real question is actually if anyone uses it, and can recommend a specific one?

  • Maybe it is worth a try, although based on my limited efforts, I am not too convinced. One of my most important criteria is productivity so I look for speed in tools. And the fact is that VS simply take too long to load on its own, much like WorkVisual or OrangeEdit. So to be of value there need to be a benefit.

    WorkVisual is free and has other uses like hardware configuration (which it does rather well, programming not so much). Must have anyway...

    OrangeEdit can handle inline forms nicely and for many KSS versions so if one has to make a lot of changes on code that used ILFs this is a way to go. I do very little with inline forms and when needed i have my way around this too.

    VisualStudio KRL extensions (as far as i can tell) seem to only focus a syntax highlighting. I do not see any cross reference, shortcut to go to declaration etc. If syntax highlighting is really all they do, I'd rather stick with Notepad++ which is pretty hard to beat: it is small, lightning fast and found on every robot so you can use take KRL definition that KUKA put there or simply make your own or try one that others have shared.

    I am always interested in learning something new but i must admit I have not tried using VS for this (at least, not hard enough to get past errors). So if someone can shed some light on making this work and what the benefits are, i am curious to find more about it...

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    In the last years, I'm trying to stick with WorkVisual, even with its inherent problems, using Notepad++ here and there to do some heavy lifting when needed.

    Anyway, I have VS Code installed on my machine, and I have the Industrial Robots extension developed by RoboDK people.

    Industrial Robots - Visual Studio Marketplace
    Extension for Visual Studio Code - Robot Programming Syntax Highlighting for Industrial Robots. Supported languages include: ABB RAPID, Fanuc LS, KUKA KRC,…

    It has syntax highlight and code completion for various brands besides KUKA, and its actively maintained.

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