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    What’s the deal with all the ”Please help me?”

    You don’t have to beg. Everybody’s pretty much here to help. 😅

    Before I’m off reading the documentation for it, what else does expert-tech provide else than this?

    You need option expert tech. Then you can touch up none inline form movements.


    I guess Expert tech is a payed option that you’ll have to buy along with the robot etc?


    Is there any possibility to use the Touch-up function without Inline-form?

    The Idea is to avoid Inline-forms as much as possible throughout the entire program because I don’t like it. 😉

    (Yes I know ”Touch-up” is a function that belongs to the inline-forms)


    I'm currently trying to create a tool all numerically and have entered the mass etc.

    At the bottom I'm unable to enable the Overload/Underload because the "Load data verification has not been enabled."

    How do I enable this?


    I’m currently working on a project containing one KR16 - KRC5.

    I’ve written in a previous thread that I’m a previous ABB-programmer.

    I’m having issues with the speed of some ”short” LIN-motions. (It’s a movement of 500mm or so)

    I’m using full acceleration and 2m/s but the movement still seems pretty slow compared to the PTP ones.

    Is it something obvious when working with LIN-motions that I’m maybe missing out?

    (I’ll paste the code later, just putting this here if anyone knows something of this little information above)

    Well thanks for that input!

    Any tips on how to lower/set speed and approximation during continuous movements else then the stuff fubini just wrote?


    I'm a previous ABB-Programmer and have just started to program KUKA-robots.

    When programming ABB-robots each movement has to have the given parameters like velocity, aproximation-distance, tool and work object (Base in KRL)

    The example I'd like to use is:

    MoveJ Offs(PickPosition,0,0,250),v2500,z50,tGripper1,wWorkobject; (This position is far away from the actual "PickPosition")
    MoveL Offs(PickPosition,0,0,50),v800,z30,tGripper1,wWorkobject; (This one is closer than the previous point with less distance, velocity and aproximation-distance)
    MoveL Offs(PickPosition,0,0,10),v100,z10,tGripper1,wWorkobject;  (This one as well)
    MoveL PickPosition,v50,fine,tGripper1,wWorkobject; (The actual "PickPosition")

    KRL Corresponding I assume would be:

    PTP {X 0,Y 0,Z 250,A 0,B 0,C 0} : xPickPosition C_DIS
    LIN {X 0,Y 0,Z 20,A 0,B 0,C 0} : xPickPosition C_DIS
    LIN {X 0,Y 0,Z 10,A 0,B 0,C 0} : xPickPosition C_DIS
    LIN xPickPosition

    How do you code this when for example want to lower speed and approximation while getting closer to the point like the ABB-example above? (In a nice-code-way)

    I Could assign the velocity and APO in-between the movements but it would look like crap and would not be easy to re-use.

    I could make a DEF/DEFCT which is like the ABB-way and use Position, Approximation etc in the program-call but I'm not into doing that either, when programming KUKA-robots I'd like to do it like it should be done (?) :grinning_squinting_face:

    This is not a problem, just a tip on how you guys do this? (Maybe most of you use the same speed & aproximation during the entire program cycle idk)

    Dumb question, but in which software did you take the print screen?



    I'm currently trying to learn KRL from Rapid (ABB) and have a question about Status & Turn.

    If I move to this position with PTP or LIN, does it always go to this position with the declared status & turn value or does it change these depending on current axis-position?

    E6POS Position ={X 0,Y 0,Z 0,A 0,B 0,C 0,S 6,T 21,E1 0,E2 0,E3 0,E4 0,E5 0,E6 0}

    IF Yes or No:

    Is there any system-variable to enable/disable this?

    In Rapid/ABB you can choose if the robot is going to take the assigned "Status & Turn" or just chose the closest and most suitable during the movement, with a system-variable (ConfL/Off, ConfL/On). Is there any settings like this in KRL?

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