Speed drops to 10% when gates open

  • I need to stop the speed from dropping to 10% when the safety gates are open. This is causing operators to have to adjust speed after the gates are closed and I need to prevent this. I want to take away the need for operators to adjust speed all together. How can I do this? Or adjust speed the robot goes to after safety circuit closes ?

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  • You can try setting the Override Select function.

    Menu > Setup > Ovrd Select

    You need two DI's for the speed control.

    DI1=ON AND DI2=ON 100%

    DI1=ON AND DI2=OFF 50%

    DI1=OFF AND DI2=ON 25%

    DI1=OFF AND DI2=OFF 10%

    Another solution is background logic

    : IF (SO[7:TP enabled = ON) THEN ;

    : OVERRIDE=100% ;

    : ENDIF ;

  • It won't let me use the If statement in BG logic. It's saying invalid operator

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