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    Today I had a system failure, afterward all I had access to was the ability to to a b-start. This got me to the point before the crash or fault. I had to update the revolutions, and recalibrate the robot also. For the first time today I was able to run robot in AUTO, but for only a brief second due to a joint collision ( The robot is attempting to home when running this task. Earlier I was jogging the robot and messed with a lot of coordinates so I am afraid I changed one that is now causing the crashes. I am familiar mostly with FANUC, I thought the program would tell the robot what frame to be in. Is this not the same with ABB?

    To add on to Lemster, that is what's stopping you from jogging, the rev counters error comes from a system wipe or a battery dying, like you said. Not a big deal to fix those, but if you're expecting the tool to jog straight down after the system failure it gone, it might surprise you that you can't.

    I got it all synced up. Now I am geting a 50056 error saying joint collision. I can't figre out what ive done. i was jogging it earlier and messed with a lot of coordinates so I am not sure its in the right frame.

    It sure isn't ethernet because it is on a devicenet bus. The device defined must have some sort of trustlevel assigned to it if you cannot move the robot without comms. Are you sure that there are no other concurrent errors that might be preventing you from jogging?

    I have a lot of different messages so I think this may be the first of the list. I have an error for joint not synchronized all all axis, rev count not updated, system failure state, etc. Is this what happens when batteries die?

    ABB Robot is dead in the water.


    During startup, no comms was establilshed with unit <DNET_Leftside_Tool> on bus <DeviceNet1>.


    It is not possible to access the unit or signals on the unit.

    I have only worked on FANUC and Yaskawa in the past. This sounds like an ethernet cable situation if it were FANUC. The problem i am having here is the robot tool is about 10 feet in the air an dI can' jog it down to check comms on the tool (without a ladder of course). Can anyone help point mei n the right direction on this?

    I am palletizing and am frequently getting pallets that are odd-sized. We don't have a sensor to check height so I can't add or deduct based on that. Can anyone help me set up instructions so I can change the Z in the registers while the program is running? My program is 8 layers that flip, so it's really the same program but I am adding 356mm to every other layer. I would like to have 10 positions taught (5 drops, 2 layers), and just add the Z indirectly through the registers.

    What I wouldn't give to have access to all the online documentation, it still blows my mind that they would rather be asked 500 questions and send small snippets of the manual when buying a new robot then just giving access to the complete manual.

    Thanks for all the information guys.

    get a job with a company with Fanuc robots and they have access to all the of the documentation. I don’t know how long I’ll be with my company but I sure as hell downloaded every manual I could get my hands on. I got a lot

    Are you sure your GI value was correct? Can you step thru the code and reproduce the issue? Maybe an input is flickering, you could store the GI value in a register that way you can see what the value actual was at that point in time.

    If it is flickering then you need to adjust the sensors or add debounce logic.

    I know it wasn’t a constant number. When I stepped through the program the number was around 4200. That’s why I adjusted the number down to 4000. The debouncing seems like a good idea Because this logic worked in Roboguide. Of course I wouldn’t have any variation in the software compared to real IO

    I am trying to write code so when the robot doesn't pick up the correct amount of boxes, it takes the boxes it does have, and places them on the ground and starts over again. Right now I have 6 zones that pick up 4 boxes. When all 6 zones are full I have 6 DIs in 1 GI that equals 4232. My logic was this

    1: GO[2:ZONE SOLS]=0 ;

    2: LBL[1] ;

    3: UTOOL_NUM=1 ;

    4: DO[25:DONE PICKING]=OFF ;

    5: GO[1:BLOWER]=63 ;

    6:J P[1] 100% FINE ;

    7: WAIT UI[15]=ON TIMEOUT,LBL[100] ;

    8: GO[1:BLOWER]=63 ;

    9: !PICK UP BOXES ;

    10:L P[2] 2000mm/sec FINE ;

    11: WAIT .50(sec) ;

    12:L P[1] 1000mm/sec FINE ;

    13: IF GI[2]<=4000,JMP LBL[2] ;

    14: DO[25:DONE PICKING]=ON ;

    15: END ;

    16: !Waiting for parts to pick ;

    17: JMP LBL[101] ;

    18: LBL[100] ;

    19:J P[1] 100% FINE ;

    20: GO[1:BLOWER]=0 ;

    21: WAIT UI[15]=ON ;

    22: !Back to beginning when UI5=on ;

    23: ! ;

    24: LBL[101] ;

    25: !Drop bad boxes ;

    26: LBL[2] ;

    27:J P[1] 50% FINE ;

    28:L P[3] 2000mm/sec FINE ;

    29:J P[4] 50% FINE ;

    30: GO[2:ZONE SOLS]=63 ;

    31: WAIT 1.00(sec) ;

    32:J P[3] 50% FINE ;

    33: !Back to top to retry pick ;

    34: JMP LBL[1] ;

    For some reaseon, even though only have 3 boxes and my GI2 = 127, the robot ends the program and goes to place the boxes on the pallet. Why issn't my IF statement woring when GI2 was less than 4232?

    Disable the connection first, I think that should be all you need to do to allow changes. You'll also want to check the instance, assembly, and I think there's one more thing but I haven't done it in a minute (size?). If you can get it running just by changing the number of words I think you'll be fine. You'll also need to configure the IO I'm guessing, do you have an excel sheet for mapping the PLC tags to the IO? If not, the PLC tags may indicate which robot IO they're supposed to be mapped to. Once you know which IO needs to be mapped and how, you'll need to set them up on Rack 89, slot 1. The start will depend on whether or not you only have digital IO mapped or if you have some UOP IO mapped as well. It's probably 1, but its impossible to say without knowing the intended mapping.

    Do you have access to the manual for the controller you're working on, and for the ethernet Adapter option? I highly recommend reading through them (the IO portion for the controller manual specifically), or at least scanning through the main chapters. It helped me a lot.

    I have the page. I’m thinking I need to disable the Ethernet port before loading that file.

    Ethernet isn't a protocol, it is a connection method. Are you using the EthernetIP protocol?

    You shouldn't need to be in a controlled start (though it should work in either controlled or cold start). Don't use the restore function, just load that individual file.

    Then check the EthernetIP menu and make sure you have your PLC connection enabled and running.

    I was able to download the file but when I rebooted it said digital IO not recovered. Still says connection with Ethernet module lost. I’m including pic of error and mr Ethernet list. Does it look correct? It said online not running.

    Do you have a backup if just the file? You could try loading just that, then cycle power.

    Was your image taken from this exact robot? Did you try restoring it at a cold start from the file menu?

    I do have that file backed up. Will it work differently if I try and download it separately. I remember it vividly saying It could not restore the file

    If you have an image backup that doesn't have the comms error you may want to reload it. Only do so if you know that's a good image. You can also take another image now. It's good to be able to get back to a known state, in case you mess it up worse.

    Comms error would be corrected in the appropriate IO setup menu and TcPip menu.

    the comms issue is arising due to the inability to do a complete image backup. I tried to do the restore all in controlled start but only a few actually restored. All of my variables restored and half of mr programs. My Ethernet IPs did restore, but not my IO. it makes no sense to why only portions of the backup will work. I don’t know what to do at this point. Seems If I can get the Ethernet connection working with the PLC everything will be fine. I was able to create a simple box program and run it locally. The the same thing I’m trying to do with the PLC

    I have all of the backup file but only a few of them successfully restored. I can’t do a total image backup because the part that makes the robot inoperable is in there. None of my IO would restore. So I tried to do it manually but that’s why I think I have lost my Ethernet connection.

    You can't get an image from roboguide, only program files.

    I am so screwed this robot isn't gonna be ready. I tried to download all of the files i could but none of the IO tranferred. So now it's saying i have ethernet module not available even though i can ping everything in the robot cell. Ever since I reinitialized the robot, by plc cant see it, i have a "lost comms with robot module", however i can ping every device from the robot, and i can see all devices from the PLC program. Is there some type of variable i am missing? all of my other variables restored. This comms loss is the same one that happens when you power cycle the robot, but it usually comes back once you hit reset.