Master Job Dx200

  • Hi,

    Before when key was turned to "Remote" it would automaticly call Master job called "Master" but now it stays on current opened job. I even changed the master job to "Master" but it still opens the current job and it automatically changes master job to the current one.

    How can i set up this correcly to work like before?

    Best Regards,

    Bruno Nogueira

  • it's not just put the program as master, you need to set it in robot condiguration which program is master.

    You mean in the Job window, there is a window to configurate Master. Thats where i did it. (In that window you can call master set master etc)

  • Post is a little hard to understand.

    What was driving the CALL MASTER JOB signal (20012 to 40070)? Is plc logic involved or was the logic in the controller's ladder?

    Is this logic working correctly?

    Is there an actual change in jobs? Switches from some job being active to another but you want a different job called?

    If you have the concurrent job option are you registering the correct job under the SUPERVISORY MASTER task and not a different SUB task?

    I know a thing or two, because I’ve seen a thing or two. Don't even ask about a third thing. I won't know it.

  • We only use the console and IF Panel to call the job desired. Before if we were on teach mode and switched the key to remote ,no matter what job was opened, it would always change to the job named "Master". I dont know how this is done but know its not working. For example, if im on teach mode on a job called "Home Position" and then switch to remote, this job is defined as master job instead of calling the job "Master".

    Hopefully i explained a little better. Its a little confusing.


    The previous programmer added a output called "INIBE CALL MASTER". When this output was on it would prevent call master. Dont know why it was created but when turned off it called master job normally.

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